Apple punishing Canada’s Rogers over confiscatory iPhone rates?

Apple Online Store“After raising the ire of its customers with what are believed to be overly-expensive iPhone 3G plans, Canadian provider Rogers Wireless is allegedly being punished by Apple with fewer shipments,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Blogger Daniel Smith claims multiple sources, including a senior Rogers representative, claim that Apple has diverted a significant amount of its initial iPhone 3G Canadian deliveries to Europe in retribution for the carrier’s steep rate plans, which at similar prices offer a third fewer minutes and limited data compared to AT&T,” Malley reports.

“Stores may be getting just 10 to 20 iPhones each and are being told to “exercise caution” not to promise ample stock on launch day, according to the rumors,” Malley reports.

More in the full article here.

In an editorial, The Vancouver Sun reports, “The pricing regime announced by Rogers last month reflects its monopoly position for a premium product. Potential purchasers are particularly upset by the pricing Rogers announced for data usage, which is a big factor for anyone wanting to take advantage of a device that is more computer than phone.”

“While AT&T customers in the U.S. can get unlimited data with a plan starting at $70 a month, the most Rogers offers before extra costs start to mount is two gigabytes with a plan that starts at $115 a month. Potential users tech-savvy enough to know what two gigabytes represents know it won’t be enough for serious websurfing. Irate consumers have used the Internet to launch a petition, attracting more than 30,000 virtual signatures at this writing, to protest Rogers’ pricing for the iPhone, which will be available July 11,” The Vancouver Sun reports.

The Vancouver Sun advises, “If you don’t like the price of an iPhone, don’t buy it… If Rogers finds it has priced itself out of the market, it won’t take a petition to ring in lower prices.”

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  1. Apple should pull the iPhone from Rogers immediately. Apple customers are being treated unfairly and forced to pay obscene rates that have no justification, and do not fit with the the way the iPhone was meant to be used. Under Rogers’ pricing regime, it is a crippled device.

    I am one Canadian who won’t buy this Apple product.

  2. Spank them hard!

    Same is happening here in Finland too…
    Sonera includes only 100MB/31,69€, 250MB/51,49 or “large” 1000MB/89,99 per month.

    Those include 100 minutes/100 SMS or 250/250 and 1000/1000 respectively. One minute costs 0,079€ and one extra MB is whopping 1,49€!

    They really suck!

  3. Rogers are like Canada – nice on the surface, corrupt and deceitful underneath.
    Its the frickin British class-system shit that still exists here.

    Here in BC, we would be better off forming a country with Washington, Oregon and California – we have nothing in common with those weird 1950’s types back East.

    In the UK, iPhones sell out – here in Canada, I havent even seen an advert for them.
    Its like we are living in Zimbabwe or something.

  4. Apple is limiting shipments of iPhones to Canada not to punish Rogers, but because Apple realizes that Rogers’ exorbitant pricing plans are killing demand. Apple couldn’t care less what Canadian have to fork over to have the privilege of using the iPhone, Apple only cares about its public image. Apple simply doesn’t want photos circling the globe showing iPhones collecting dust on shelves.

  5. “Apple should pull the iPhone from Rogers immediately. “

    pull out? no!!! leave em there and make em watch as 70 countries sell out and Rogers watches potential money walk away. they wanna screw customers? screw em back….

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