O2: iPhone sold out in UK

On their website today, O2 announced that Apple’s iPhone 3G is currently sold out in the UK:

Due to huge demand for the iPhone 3G, we’re currently out of stock online.

Come back on 10 July for more information.

O2’s iPhone 3G site: http://www.o2.co.uk/iphone


  1. Damn it!!! I’ve been trying all day, and keep getting ‘Server Busy’ messages…

    …oh well, at least I’ll be able to play around with the V2 software on my iPhone 2.5G…

  2. Gah. Had placed a pre-order for the phone after my brother. We shared the same credit card account (business) and O2 called me to say they couldn’t take my order because the card had already been used. When I went online to order again, they were out of stock 🙁

  3. O2 are ONLY accepting upgrades from existing iPhone customers or NEW contracts! I think it is a little unfair and shows that they are NOT treating EVERYONE fairly.

    Been an O2 customer for nearly 6 years and I cannot upgrade as I have time left on my contract!

    GggrrR O2!! 🙁

  4. No problem! Simply divert iPhones from Canada to UK Perhaps Apple dramatically underestimated demand and failed to plan to produce enough iPhones. Apple better get cracking’ and make more iPhones before potential customers lose patience and switch to another phone. If this trend continues, Apple when will be known as the company that can’t deliver.

  5. Yikes, from other comments it looks like it was a close call – I think I managed to place my order about about 8.40 this morning…. (huge sigh of relief – I just can’t stand another day with this nokia thing…)

  6. Famous Grouse,

    What’s the purpose of Apple not selling iPhones except giving Apple’s competitors a chance to sell their products and make poke fun at Apple? Spin it all you want, Apple planned poorly and failed.

  7. I just got off the phone to O2. I was trying to say to the guy, what was the fscking point of ‘registering interest as an existing iPhone owner’ online a couple of weeks ago?

    Presumably this was being done to so they could assess the amount of phones they were likely to need. So what happened? Did they bodge their arithmetic, ignore the data completely…or have people been ordering more than 1?

  8. Dude!
    There’s a recession unfolding and people are falling over themselves to get the iPhone 3G. Apple should totally divert supplies from Canada to the UK!

    I can’t wait to see what happens in Spain, Australia, Italy and Japan where every customer will be a new iPhone customer and people have been waiting for the phone

  9. This is just hype and spin……..do you really think that they have such small stock?……….come friday I will walk down to the end of my road…….and buy one at the O2 store near me………no waiting in line for me.

  10. Tonea,

    How is it you can see the obvious, but the “geniuses” at Apple cannot?

    PS. MDN, love those LG 5400 ads. I’m surprise the fanbois are not overwhelming your servers with fatwahs for this heresy.

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