Should Apple just give away Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard?

“I’m sure Apple is probably spending as much in developing 10.6 as they’d routinely invest in a standard feature upgrade, and some of its new capabilities may be far more meaningful in the areas where it counts, and that’s being able to get your work done faster, with greater stability,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Mac Night Owl.

“I don’t think Apple is going to suffer severely if they truly ditch the PowerPC with Snow Leopard. Understand, though, that even if the reports about the system requirements of the developer preview are true, that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t going to roll in PowerPC code between now and 10.6’s release date,” Steinberg writes. “But I doubt it. This no advantage in spending extra millions to incorporate support for an older processor platform that can scarcely benefit from Snow Leopard’s enhancements.”

“Personally, I still think Apple has to cope with user psychology. For years, new versions of software that exacted a full upgrade price contained new features to justify the purchase price. While the work Apple is doing admittedly carries equal or better value, I expect many people won’t agree,” Steinberg writes.

“If Apple were to provide Snow Leopard free, almost free, or for a modest purchase price, say $59 or $79. it wouldn’t diminish the Mac OS value equation,” Steinberg writes. “Apple would simply deliver the appropriate spin, claiming it is their gift to millions of loyal customers who have embraced the Mac platform over the years. And they’ll still make a bundle regardless.”

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  1. Comment from: no – “charge $129 complainers $149”

    Perfect buisness plan! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> …Ha! ha!

    If Microsoft did this with Wista and their other products, prices would go sky high! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Should Be Free! Charging for a ‘Software Update’ with a fancy name is just wrong. M$ didn’t even charge for XP SP2. Don’t tell me this is different without an explanation that makes sense. I’m not paying for patches!

  3. I liked Daniel’s theory of why Snow Leopard will be regular price. Mainly, there is no need to lower it. The people that will benefit from it will happily pay $129 or more and the people that won’t benefit probably wouldn’t upgrade anyways.

  4. @G4Dualie

    True, very true. Remember Microsoft’s motto ‘ We paint our customers into a corner, and then squeeze all the cash out of them!’

    Hey, Ha,Ha,Huh, Isn’t it great that Microsoft has to give away Apple iPods to get people to use their search system? God, comedy like this just can’t be invented!

  5. They could charge for it as normal. For those who do not think it offers any value, guess what? Don’t buy it!! The following version will offer nice bells and whistles, some based on the new foundations, which people will value, and they can upgrade then. Meanwhile, developers have the foundations of future releases to build on. If any of these apps make Snow Leopard desirable after all, then buy it!

    Basically it’s simple. If you like it, at release or later, buy it. If not, then don’t.

    Apple may entirely expect most users not to bother.

    And they don’t want users getting free Leopard upgrades through the back door. Someone said offer discount to Leopard users, but that sounds like work and also hackable. Why bother?

  6. Everything should be free! Everything! Profit should be outlawed! Hang all corporate dogs! Confiscate the wealth of the oligarchy and distribute the money to everyone else! Socialism forever! Long live Marx, Lenin, and Che!

    ‘Nuff said.

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