Survey: Apple iPhone 3G most sought-after smartphone in Japan

“iSHARE Inc has announced the results of its opinion survey on smartphones. As several smartphones were recently announced in Japan, the company conducted research on handset preferences and other items,” Yukiko Kanoh reports for Nikkei Electronics.

“When the company asked which model they were ‘interested in’ among new smartphones to be released in the near future and those already debuted (multiple answers allowed), the most 57.9% of all respondents named the ‘iPhone,’ which will be released from SoftBank Mobile Corp.,” Kanoh reports.

“The ‘Willcom D4‘ to be released from Willcom Inc came next at 35.8%, followed by the ‘Willcom 03’ to be released from Willcom at 33.1%, Emobile Ltd’s ‘EMONSTER’ at 18.0% and NTT DOCOMO Inc’s ‘HT1100’ at 8.8%,” Kanoh reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Unsurprisingly, it looks like surveys conducted after Apple’s iPhone 3G unveiling do not match those that were conducted before.


  1. I live in Tokyo and went in to Softbank June 27 to check on how to get an iPhone. At the Ikebukuro office they said I could sign on to the waiting list and took my name and phone number. They said I was about 100th on their list. So I went to a smaller office near my house, and they said I was 30th on their list. Both places said they have no idea how many they will get on the 11th, and expect I will have to wait a while. You have to sign up for basic service, a phone charge over 24 months to which a discount is applied, and an unlimited data charge. They estimate the monthly charge for all that will be about 9,000 yen (about $86). Actually I can’t see how this thing doesn’t set the Japanese mobile phone industry on fire. They have a myriad of phones and services here and this thing blows the doors off of all of them.

  2. @ iWill

    Yup, still here.

    Don’t really have a feel on this. I’m pretty much fretting whether or not Scott will get one. I KNOW I want one.

    I’ve been counting the days. My wife thinks I’m crazy. Both for the counting, constant talking about the iPhone and the price of the plan.

  3. MacDailyNews Note for the previous round: We really couldn’t find out much information about what iSHARE even is, much less what their methodology was for the survey.

    For this round: And we couldn’t care less.

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