Overclock your Mac Pro, Xserve (Intel Xeon) with simple software utility

“Earlier today, ZDNet.de released a tool that looks very promising in [regard to overclocking]. According to their website, the tool can currently overclock Mac Pros and Xserves with Intel Xeon processors. They use the example of taking a base model Mac Pro running at 2.8 GHz and getting it to run faster than Apple’s top of the line 3.2 GHz machines,” Seth Weintraub reports for Computerworld.

“This tool not only increases the processor speed, but it also speeds up the memory and bus speed as well. Thankfully, Mac Pros and Xserves have error correcting RAM which should help with reliability at these higher speeds,” Weintraub reports.

“Since this is a software overclocking tool, it doesn’t pose too much of a risk, but as always in this arena, proceed with caution and I am not responsible for imploding machines. Bugs in clock time have been reported but fixes are coming. To go back to your old clock speed, you’ll just need to reboot,” Weintraub reports.

More info and link in the full article here.


  1. funny macbones, i was just thinking that yesterday myself…..

    i had just gotten home from the hospital, see i found instructions on the internet for making my ford pinto use 3 times the gas it usually does by boring out a bigger hole and adding a home made fuel injector to enable the car to run at almost 180 mph, which is perfect because that is about how fast you need to be going to get the air rammed into the home made scram engine i mounted in the hatchback. i figure if i can get that scram to light i can get up around mach 1.7 or so.

    i am pretty sure the design was almost there too, until i hit that semi that had stopped for construction everything was going so well…..

    i heard rumors you can over clock your iPhone with just a paperclip, an earring back, and some toothpaste. anyone happen to have the link to that?

  2. I hear that an over clocked dual Xeon Mac Pro is almost powerful enough to run Vista in Bootcamp. Apparently if you tune down the graphics, most of the features sometimes work.

  3. ok… so now you can overclock your mac…

    PCowners have done this for years, I just bought a 2.4GHz core2quad and I’m running it at 3.6GHz no problems with heat or anything ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I’ve tried everything in my budget to get the most out of my Pro and still cannot come close.

    Who would want to overclock this thing? I even have XP on Bootcamp and are running games at full resolution…completely maxed out. No glitches.

    Overclocking is just stupid. If you do it, you too…are stupid.

  5. Also look at the “problematic” version 1.1 Mac Pro issue. If you overclock a v1.1 the onboard clock is “permanently” hosed. No going back even if you reset to factory specs. Plus you can’t reboot. I think I’ll pass.

  6. “Nothing stupid about overclocking. What do you think the difference is between a 2.8GHz processor and 3.0GHz processor? In terms of circuitry, nothing. Intel bin them in the factory according to the speed at which they will run stable.”

    nothing stupid about it, just running it faster than it is stable….

    so… your a moron who proves himself wrong? handy!

    and, just as is almost always the case, the person who makes the least real comment uses the handle ‘reality check.’

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