Canucks rage at Rogers over greatly insane iPhone 3G data and voice plan prices

Apple Online Store“Rogers Communications Inc, owner of Canada’s biggest wireless carrier, announced pricing plans on Friday for Apple’s iPhone 3G, prompting an outcry about prices from angry customers,” Susan Taylor and Wojtek Dabrowski report for Reuters.

“The sleek, multimedia device will hit Canadian stores on July 11. But soon after Rogers unveiled its plans, a protest website began collecting signatures and comments that its creators plan to send to the company on the day of the launch,” Taylor and Dabrowski report.

MacDailyNews Note: That protest website is:

Taylor and Dabrowski continue, “Canadians have long bemoaned high cost of wireless service compared to those in the United States, and many blame lack of competition in a relatively thinly populated country that stretches across six time zones.”

“Rogers and its Fido wireless unit said they were offering voice and data plans ranging in price from C$60 ($59) to C$115 ($114) a month for the iPhone, a price that includes unlimited Wi-Fi access at Rogers and Fido hotspots,” Taylor and Dabrowski report. “The top-end C$115 plan will buy 800 weekday minutes for voice calling and unlimited time at evenings and weekends.”

“It will allow users to send 300 text messages and have 2 gigabytes of data usage — something that Rogers says is enough for about 1 million text e-mails, or 16,000 Web pages, or 7,000 photo attachments,” Taylor and Dabrowski report.

“By comparison, U.S. carrier AT&T has said it will offer unlimited 3G iPhone data plans for $30 a month in addition to voice plans that start at $39.99 a month,” Taylor and Dabrowski report.

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  1. BelovedWife and I have iPhones and we already had AT&T;so I don’t know if it’s different for others who came over to the carrier specifically for the iPhone, but our voice rate stayed the same and AT&T;gave us the unlimited data (200 text) for $20 a month each.

    The Canadian plan says voice and data rates ($59 to $114) while the AT&T;rates specify data for $30. Could it be that people are comparing apples to oranges. My voice plan was about $50 a month (plus the $20 for data) and is now about $70 (plus $10 for her line and $20 for her iPhone data package).

    This seems to make the Canadian plan look better, not worse. If I remember correctly, we have a family plan with 700 (or 800) anytime minutes, free nights and weekends (nights @ 7pm?) and unlimited mobile to mobile (but I’m not sure if that is just our plan phones or any AT&T;mobile). The plan includes rollover minutes and a spare line for our son (albeit on a lesser phone). All this for $110 or so plus taxes and fees.

    This would put the Canadian plan pretty close if the plan they quote includes your voice service and is not just data. In fact, since the plan includes unlimited access to a wi-fi network, the Rogers plan might be much better.


  2. As much as I feel the prices are outrageous, I’m stunned at how expensive the plans are in continental Europe, and how little data is available on those plans.

    My big concern is overages; does anybody know if it’s technically possible (at least through the SDK) for the iPhone to measure internet usage through the 3G and EDGE networks (as opposed to WiFi)?

    A Rogers rep said there’s “no way” for the company to offer users a way to track their 3G/EDGE usage to ensure they stay under their limit on their phones, until the bill gets calculated…in other words, we have to be very wary of potentially data-intensive usage such as GPS – Google Maps or YouTube or the iTunes Music Store…ridiculous…even the highest end plan is only ~ 68 MB per day….still better than France’s “reasonable usage” 500 MB cap (~16 MB per day!!!) though…

  3. @Spark,

    My Family Plan $50
    My iPhone Data $20
    Wife’s add-a-line $10
    Wife’s iPhone Data $20
    Son’s add-a-line $10

    50 + 20 = 70
    70 + 10 = 80
    80 + 20 = 100
    100 + 10 = 110

    110 + taxes & fees (all of which I mentioned in my post)

    Is this the math of which you were concerned?


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