Aussie demand for Apple’s iPhone 3G overwhelms carrier

“Mobile carrier Vodafone Australia’s pre-registration website for the iPhone has lured about 40,000 visitors daily since the telco opened the site early last week,” Andrew Colley reports for Australian IT.

“The website allows consumers to sign up to purchase the iPhone ahead of the July 11 launch date,” Colley reports. “It is not clear how many visitors to the site have pre-registered to purchase the phone,.”

“Optus also has an iPhone pre-registration website,” Colley reports. “It offers priority queuing to customers willing to lodge a holding deposit for the device.”

Colley reports, “By early this week, however, it had stopped accepting advanced deposits for iPhones, citing problems keeping up with customer demand for the new handset. ‘Due to an overwhelming response, we have removed the deposit-taking mechanism from the website, an Optus spokeswoman said.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Matt” for the heads up.]

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  1. Several contributors have remarked that competitors, such as “These guys won’t just walk in here, and …” have no other choice but to bluster and dissemble.

    Or they could just issue a press release.

    “We give up, our phones suck!”

    It’s better for everyone that way.

  2. If the response at work (among people who were “dead-set” against purchasing the iPhone before the latest keynote) is any indication of what’s going on around the world (and this story would suggest it is), this is going to become a familiar theme.


  3. I, for one, hope your developer never finds the problem. Loading MacDailyNews has never been so enjoyable (as in fast). Eye Candy isn’t everything.

    You should think about that before fixing the “problem”.


    Your website is A MISERABLE EXPERIENCE ON THE IPHONE. You have so much crap on this thing it has become almost useless. And forget about the useless RSS feed.

    Trim this baby down, and knock off the mystical window that appears, then disappears, when coming to this site on an iPhone.

    And kill the flash shit, too.

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