CNBC’s Jim Goldman: Apple rises as investors focus on (gasp) fundamentals

“Apple is enjoying a relief recovery of sorts today after a rough and tumble week last week characterized by the highs and lows of new products and rumors about Steve Jobs and his health,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“It started with a note from Mike Abramsky at RBC Capital, now calling for a “breakout” fiscal fourth quarter because of iPhone,” Goldman reports.

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Goldman continues, “At the same time, Pablo Perez-Fernandez, the wireless analyst at Global Crown Capital, issued a note this morning reiterating the difficulty that iPhone presents for Motorola which is already feeling its fair share of problems.”

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Goldman continues, “As analysts start to get their arms and heads around Apple’s longer term prospects (and I’ve only given a cursory mention to iPod and haven’t even mentioned the enormous growth enjoyed by the Mac), investors will likely be handsomely rewarded.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple’s business plan is very interesting – instead of trying to beat Microsoft head on in the OS/platform wars as it did in the past, Apple is gathering millions of loyal consumer electronics users and showing them how easy and well Apple software (and thus Mac OS X) works.

    Apple is also selling consumers disposable products which need to be (or simply are) replaced every year or two due to new models, new features, or simple consumer desire develops.

    Now enters the iPhone 3G, with its refined Mac OS X core and new App Store, which will make it incredibly easy for people to manage their entire lives via one handheld device. And developers can only create apps for it on a Mac.

    Apple has designed a multiple end-around attack on Microsoft. Apple TV will be the next wave, now that digital content and rentals are moving mainstream and Hollywood sees the advantages.

    I think this explains why we haven’t seen many “Our OS is better than yours” marketing tactics from Apple directed at Microsoft. Sure, the “I’m a Mac” commercials have jabbed at Microsoft, but we have not seen feature-to-feature comparisons promoted by Apple.

  2. It’s good for everyone to realize that Steve is not immortal. But dang look at the possibilities for huge adoption of the 3G iPhone. And I’m pretty satisfied since my original version gets all the software goodness for free. The company’s doing a lot of things right these days, so what if Steve needs a sandwich. Give him a break.

  3. Kudos for trying to sort out your page but you know, this has been going on for months now and it’s certainly no fun when you access this site from an iPhone. I’ve always found it ironic that MDN slates MS for consistently underperforming when the same accusation could be levelled at this site.

    Having said that, this is still a top site when it comes to Mac news and analysis and I suspect that’s the main reason why your readership perseveres with page loading problems but please, try to sort it out once and for all.

    Another small criticism – I find that it’s faster to use the main site and scroll to the bottom of a page and use the links to access more articles than using your ‘faster’ iphone site where I have to reload the main page after reading an article in order get back to the other article links. Couldn’t you just add links at the bottom of the iPhone pages to speed things up a bit more?

  4. Why doesn’t apple sell OSX to Google, buy Microsoft, and make Windows the most incredible software ever written. No more drivers to download, every peripheral would automatically integrate. SJ would have taken over the world, and Ballmer could get his golden parachute and go on speaking tours instead of mismanaging everything. These opinions might have been influenced by a few beers..

  5. Dear MDN,

    As far as I’m concerned, you can just keep the temporary index page in place–it loads in a snap on my 2.5 G iPhone versus grinding to a halt when trying to load your original index page.

    Please, just leave it alone! We’ll all be fine.

  6. Heard Thurrott on the podcast the other day.. He thinks all Apple cares about is selling iPhones. Wow. What about the iPod that runs all this new software. What about making 30% on every piece of software sold… What about the Media platform of QT + iTunes.. The music market, movies, TV..


  7. Attention: ” Not that Steve “, if you put a dress on a pig, it’s still a pig ! Apple is doing just fine without further involvement with MS.

    Steve has found the ” next big thing ” and it’s called the iPhone.

    It’s success will spur additional sales of Macs and as unit sales of the iPhone increases, additional apps will be written.

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