Apple posts first iPhone 3G television commercial (with video)

Apple has posted “Hallway,” the first television commercial for iPhone 3G:

iPhone 3G “Hallway” television ad:

Direct link via YouTube here.

See the ad in higher quality in a variety of sizes via Apple here.


  1. I just finished watching the keynote, this new iphone will be like a co processor for the brain. What about revenue from carriers? does some one knows something about apple getting revenue from carriers?

  2. Personally I feel it’s a poor ad as it doesn’t show what the iPhone does or how it works. The main difference between the iPhone and the rest isn’t in *what* they do but *how* the iPhone does it. The only people who might be impressed by this ad are ones who already know what the iPhone is like.

  3. This ad is telling the masses, that a new iPhone is going to be released.

    When Apple start selling the iPhone 3G, I’m sure they will play iPhone ads, similar to what they had with the older iPhone.

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