MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2008 Keynote

MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2008 Keynote Address, which took place on Monday, June 9th at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT:

Notes in reverse-chronological order:

• One more thing. Just kidding. Keynote ends as Jobs leaves stage.
• Jobs intros iPhone teams, offers applause.
• Showing new iPhone 3G ad.
Available on July 11th.
iPhone 3G 16GB – $299 (comes in choice of black or white).
iPhone 3G will sell for US$199 for 8GB (black only)… MacDailyNews Take: Let the bloodbath begin.
• iPhone 3G to roll out in 70 countries within the next severeal months.
• iPhone 3G features built-in GPS.
• 2G talk time is up to 10 hours from 8 hours. 3G talk time is 5 hours. Web surfing – 5-6 hours via 3G, Video= 7hrs., Audio=24 hrs.
• iPhone 3G is 36% faster than the nokia N95 and Treo 750.
• Jobs: 3G approaches WiFi speeds. We’re also really proud that we’re doing this with great battery life — standby time is 300 hours.
• Jobs demos the syrupy slowness of EDGE.
Vs. 3G – much, much faster.
iPhone 3G – blk back, metal buttona, flush headphone jack, much better audio quality, same excellent display…
• Jobs: “Apple sold 6 million iPhones until they ran out a few weeks ago.”
mobileme costs: $99 per year with 20GB of storage.
• A moment of silence, please: .Mac is dead. Okay, that’s enough: mobileme replaces .Mac. iPhone 2.0 offers 60-day free trial, .Mac users auto updated to mobileme.
• Send iPhone photo to the library of your choosing.
• Move an iCal event on your computer and how it shows up on your iPhone in seconds.
• Schiller demos mobileme web app: Photos also work – looks and works like iPhoto. iDisk supported.
• Apple’s Web 2.0 (Ajax) suite for mobileme (
• On Mac, mobileme works with iCal, Address Book and Mail. On Windoze, it works with Microsoft Outlook.
• Schiller, “mobileme stores your info up in the cloud so you can get to it anywhere using any of your devices — Mac, PC, iPhone — it will push information up and down to keep everything up to date all the time.”
• Push email, contacts, and calendars: Everything is up-to-date wherever you are.
mobileme: Phil Schiller demos…
Calls “ActiveSync,” “ActiveStink.” (laughter)
• Also, for teachers: Ad Hoc: develop iPhone apps in a class, have it certified, then register up to 100 iPhones for use.
• Enterprise can distribute private aps via company’s intranet by first authorizing phones on their own network and then distribute them via iTunes.
• App Store to be available in 62 countries.
• App Store will notify users when apps are updated. FairPlay DRM will wrap applications.
iPhone 2.0 Software release “early July.” Free for all iPhone owners, US$9.95 for iPod touch owners.
• Parental Controls, language support…
• Steve Jobs back: new SDK features: Full iWork doc. support, bulk delete/move in Mail, Save emailed photos into photo library…
• Push notification service for all developers from Apple. Better than WIndows Mobile (not too hard). Maintains performance and preserves battery life – available in Sept. Will work for WiFi and over cellular networks.
• Digital Legends Entertainment now to demo “Krull” – cool game coming in September.
• MIMvista demo: mediacl imagine app. Ready at App Store launch.
• It’s a festival of demos, ladies and gentlemen!
• NeXT up: Modality with two new medical apps.
• MLB’s “At Bat” shows today’s games, stats, live game info (runners on base), score, pitch count, etc.
• up for demo: “real-time” video highlights – moments after play happens, it’s on your iPhone.
• Mark Terry from Moo Cow Music demos “Band” – virtual instruments. Piano keyboard (puts Microsnot’s Windows 7 vapor demo to shame). Coming within 3 weeks of App Store launch.
&bull: “Enigmo” game get water into vessel with moveable paddles and tools and “Cro-Mag Rally” caveman racing game. Both in App Store at launch for $9.99.
• Pangea demoing two games.
• Associated Press demoing an app – read AP news, location-aware, so you get local stories of interest. Submit news tips to AP.
• Next: TypePad demo: mobile blogging app. Post via iPhone, use camera, post photos, etc. A free app at App Store launch.
• Netx is “Loopt” demo. A location-based app – shows where your friends are located, etc. Free at App Store launch.
• Auctions lets you search for items, bid, etc. on eBay.
• Next up: eBay’s Ken Sun with “Auctions” app.
• Super Monkey Ball will be available at App Store launch for US$9.99.
• Dev SEGA on-stage to demo Super Monkey Ball: 110 stages and all four of the classic monkeys in just 8 weeks!
• Quotes from devs and others, like NY Times Pogue: “You’re witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform, Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone.”
• ‘Tis easy to write an application and test it via iPhone Sim right on your Mac.
• Let’s just say that the exciting stuff is yet to come…
• Demoing Interface Builder and debugging.
• Xcode, iPhoen Sim demo.
• SDK in iPhone 2.0 offers same APIs and tools that Apple uses internally.
• Forstall out to show SDK, new apps.
• Works with Cisco to built in secure VPN.
• iPhone enterprise video being shown…
• iPhone 2.0.’s enterprise features include Exchange support, including push email, push contacts, push calendar, auto-discovery, global address lookup, remote wipe.
• 35% of the Fortune 500 involved in working with iPhone SDK beta.
• iPhone 2.0 software has 3 parts: Enterprise, SDK, and New Features.
• Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller on hand to help with the presentation.
• Next version of OS X is called “Snow Leopard.”
• Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage.
• Lights dim, people cheer…
• Here we go…
• Announcement: Please turn off your iPhones…
• 9:54am PDT: It’s going to take a bit of time to get everyone seated. Bo Diddley tune playing.

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  1. Universal landscape keyboard here we come!

    I’ll finally be able to put the Notes widget to serious use (which I also wouldn’t mind seeing improved on a few levels).

  2. @R2

    When I first got my iPhone, I wished all the keyboard instances would be rotatable to give the bigger landscape mode as well. But over time, I have learned to like the portrait version as you can move much faster between the keys. However, I am fully in favor of the “option” to rotate on all keyboards.

  3. The MAC only I-Work suite will now have a cute little staple character to guide MAC lemmings through the convoluted help system when they make memos in Pages. Nice “innovation”, Apple, but I prefer the paper clip in Microsoft Office. You heard it here first.

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