Apple confirms Apple Expo Paris pullout

“Apple has made it official that it will not attend September’s Apple Expo in Paris via a statement published by the French-language Mac Plus,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Year after year, Apple reduces its participation in trade shows because there often exists better means of getting in contact with our clients,’ the company said. ‘The growing popularity of the website permits us to directly touch over 100 million clients around the world in innovative ways,'” Oliver reports.

“The statement confirms a report published Monday by French Mac news site Mac Generation, which noted that original plans for conference called for Apple to occupy the two largest floor exhibits,” Oliver reports. “In recent days, however, all mention of the electronics maker was removed from the floor plan.”

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  1. Apple should have a presence there, no matter what. Even a “normal” booth with software and hardware and demonstrations would be better than nothing. I agree with clinicaltechmaster’s post.

  2. Apple Expo has been the biggest Apple trade show for many years, i think this is a huge mistake.

    and, France is actually very special for Apple, something you would know if u ever left your country of xenophobic ignorants.

    i’m not french, but i don’t appreciate some comments here, even if a few of them might be “jokes”

    Bush did a lot to convince the american people that the french are assholes, because they were against the war in iraq, don’t u wish that Bush had listened to them ?

  3. I think a corporate hands-on at shows is a good come-on, though I guess Apple Stores are now the chief venues for touch n feel.

    Even so, an Apple Show without the big event is like vin rouge without the red –

    – and Paree is such a great city that it’s a nice excuse for us Brits to jump on a Eurostar after breakfast and be there in time for lunch!

  4. Perhaps this is because Apple’s planning a year-round Apple Expo Paris (of sorts):

    Paris Store Receives City Approvals (June 2nd, 2008)

    Apple’s long-time plan to open a store in Paris is finally taking shape, after Paris planning officials approved the company’s proposal to locate in the underground Carousel de Louvre shopping mall. As first reported by and explained by and, Apple will occupy about 7,770 square-feet formerly occupied by the Lalique and Résonnance stores, and just steps away from the entrance to the famous Louvre Museum. The mall hosts 9 million visitors a year, of which at least 40 percent are tourists. In an unusual move, the store was officially acknowledged by Jasmine Khounnala, Apple’s Paris-based public relations manager, who said, ”We are thrilled that our opening project of an Apple Store in the Carrousel du Louvre has been approuved by the (local planning commission).” She added that Apple is ‘delighted’ to offer Paris the experience of Apple retail stores, just as in other countries. This first Paris store could open in Spring 2009.”


  5. “The growing popularity of the website permits us to directly touch over 100 million clients around the world in innovative ways.”

    At the risk of being pedantic, it is impossible for a website to ‘directly touch’ anybody. If it were possible, the porn industry would be all over it…

  6. “At the risk of being pedantic, it is impossible for a website to ‘directly touch’ anybody.”

    But you haven’t seen the to upgrade!

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  7. I’m mixed on the subject of trade-shows.
    Back in the pre-internet days, they were sort of cool, because a lot of vendors were there and you could see lot’s of hardware or software in action.
    Nowadays, you’re lucky if you get pretty booth-babies handing out glossy sheets of papers which contain no other information than is available from the company’s website.

    If I want to see Apple products, I go to a dealer or an Apple-store.
    Developer-conferences are a different thing. But “Shows”?
    So, I can see why Apple would find this whole concept a bit of a waste of money.

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