Steve Ballmer egged at Hungarian University (with video)

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was egged by a protester during a speech he gave at a Hungarian University,” Matt Asay reports for CNET.

“As this video shows, the protester rose to his feet to challenge Microsoft for stealing billions in Hungarian taxpayer money, then started hurling eggs at Ballmer, who was forced to take cover behind a desk,” Asay reports.

Steve Balmer egged (angle 1):

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Steve Balmer egged (angle 2):

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Asay’s full blog post via CNET here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pyeman” for the heads up.]

Ahh, the memories. Hopefully, those eggs were properly aged. Too bad the protester wasn’t more closely related to Al Hrabosky.


  1. I clicked on this video thinking I was in for a laugh, but WTF, that guy was a nut! File a petition, get a group to argue, but don’t just go around throwing eggs you fuc*ing maniac! Kudos for Ballmer for handling that well.

  2. This is a case where “the enemy of my enemy” is not always my friend.

    Putting myself in SB’s shoes, I hope I would handle myself as well as he did, which was far better than the miscreant that tossed the eggs!

  3. Much as I may disagree with Mr. Ballmer and his leadership, this is completely uncalled-for and disrespectful. Protestors like this are people with a few bad ideas that need to use violence to “prove their point.”

    Ballmer did a good job handling the situation – kudos to him for the way he handled this.

  4. Hey, the guy could have thrown a chair.
    Now who did that? hmmm? I can’t work up a whole lot of sympathy for someone getting an egg, who himself has tossed chairs.

    What goes around comes around as mom always said.

  5. Reality is that it easily could have been a gun.
    I think this will give a wake up call to lots of CEO’s, including Steve Jobs. Ballmer may actually win when it come to mercy…I fear what would happen if someone threw eggs at Steve Jobs. If it had been a streaker with a cream pie, it would have been hilarious, but throwing raw eggs is terrible.

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