Steve Ballmer egged at Hungarian University (with video)

“Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was egged by a protester during a speech he gave at a Hungarian University,” Matt Asay reports for CNET.

“As this video shows, the protester rose to his feet to challenge Microsoft for stealing billions in Hungarian taxpayer money, then started hurling eggs at Ballmer, who was forced to take cover behind a desk,” Asay reports.

Steve Balmer egged (angle 1):

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Steve Balmer egged (angle 2):

Direct link to video via YouTube here.

Asay’s full blog post via CNET here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Pyeman” for the heads up.]

Ahh, the memories. Hopefully, those eggs were properly aged. Too bad the protester wasn’t more closely related to Al Hrabosky.


  1. The egger’s boorish behavior almost makes Ballmer look sympathetic in comparison – not exactly the outcome he was going for, I’d wager.

    Still, when you consider the billions (trillions?) Microsoft has unfairly extorted from the world as a whole with their shoddy software and monopoly lock-in tactics, an egg or two in the face is pretty mild retribution, really.

  2. Yeah, that’s just rude. But it’s a telling statement about people’s feelings toward Microsoft. Back in their heyday one couldn’t waltz over to Youtube and see a video; I’m sure the incident would have never made the press. Their grip loosens more and more with every passing day in this day and age of freely available information.

  3. Well, I am no fan of Ballmer or M$ but I have to say, any time a physical assault is used as a means to communicate, regardless of the message, I am disappointed. Violence is the last resort, when all other forms of communication have failed.

    And it would have been funnier if there were multiple protesters yelling at him and throwing eggs. One sole protester looks like a kook.

    The Ballmer videos on youtube are just amazing. How Gates could give control of his company to such a moron is really stunning.

  4. I’m disgusted and I can’t believe you people would actually <strike>egg</strike> encourage such insolent and childish behavior. Steve Ballmer is man in charge of a company, not a monster.

    And those eggs were wasted on a man. They deserved better. Those eggs could have been poached, scrambled, or hatched and raised as chickens, to be served fried, baked, grilled, or perhaps combined with other eggs to make a chicken omelette (which Freudian by the way). Instead they were shamelessly wasted.

    A respectful moment of silence for the eggs, and the person who missed out on eating those eggs. I may never read another MDN post again because of this… unless I have an egg and cheese sandwich to go with it.

  5. Low class and boorish behavior and for once it wasn’t Ballmer doing it.
    Totally wrong.
    Say your piece or save it for Q&A;.
    Nobody deserves this (maybe the government of Myanmar (sp.). But this was wrong.
    No two ways about it.
    And I dislike Ballmer as much as any of you.

  6. everyone seems to be complaining about how wrong this is to throw eggs at someone…. I didn’t hear the tape just watched it… not the best to do but…. wish I saw him get hit with an egg or two. Just think back in the 80’s and early 90’s when they would just take over companies and such…. im sure many people would have loved to toss an egg or two.

    Either or… M$ is making their own grave.

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