Windows to Mac switcher dispels myths

“There are lots of reasons that people don’t want to switch from Windows to Macintosh,” Web entrepreneur David Alison blogs. “I assume the most common reason is simply because Windows works for the people that are using it. The old adage ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ tends to apply here. These people are not upgrading to Vista either, they’re staying with Windows XP or even Windows 98 and are just fine.”

MacDailyNews Note: Earlier this year, after 17 years of Windows (retch), Alison finally made his move to Macintosh. Better late than never, right? After his first three months, Alison went “from curious about Macs to a newbie user to a switcher that promotes Macs to strangers.” In other words, the usual.

Alison continues, “There are however an increasing number of people that are moving to Macs now – many of them people like me that hated Macs at one time. I believe there are lots of reasons for this, not the least of which is that people that are running Windows XP are faced with an upgrade to Vista as their next logical step and feel that maybe it’s okay to consider a Mac since they have to go through a full operating system refresh anyway.”

“One of the reasons I was not interested in Macs for a very long time was that I clung to many facts about the Mac that I felt eliminated it from contention. Well, as with many things in life it turns out the facts that I knew about the Mac were either hopelessly outdated or simply myths,” Alison writes. “What I wanted to do was tell you the ones that I was aware of and often cited when I dismissed Macs in the past.”

Allison’s list of common Mac myths:
• Mac’s only use a single mouse button
• There are not that many applications for Macs
• Macs are closed machines that cannot be expanded
• Macs don’t work well with Windows machines on a network
• Macs are more expensive
• Macs can’t run my Windows software
• Macs are mouse centered machines. You constantly have to grab the mouse.

Full article (a good one for anyone you know who’s on the fence about switching to Mac) explaining each item on the list here.

Read also Alison’s, “Why I bailed out on Windows and switched to Macintosh,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. • Macs are mouse centered machines. You constantly have to grab the mouse.

    funny, i have heard the opposite comments from the windows herd… they don’t like apple cause “you have to do everything with the keyboard.”

    i dunno, i find the mouse quite counter-productive and love all my keyboard shortcuts.


  2. At least two of these “myths” are only feebly contested, and are obviously included only because if you’re going to write (yet another) mac-myths-dispelled piece, you get more grief for ignoring the REAL problems than you do for halfheartedly trying to pooh-pooh them as unimportant. Specifically:

    There are not that many applications for Macs

    Still true except for a few large sw developers. Alison himself concedes:

    The number of Mac titles for business software, especially in the vertical markets for small businesses, is much smaller

    “Vertical markets for small businesses” covers just about anyone who wants to use a computer application to get their job done.

    Macs are closed machines that cannot be expanded

    Still true, as there is no desktop option below the $4,000 Mac Pro No “consumer” mac is expandable/upgradeable beyond RAM & HD.

  3. I sued to hate mac’s but mainly because I was brainwashed as a child. I started out with DOS then of course every windows OS up to XP. I learned animation and 3D design in high school on windows. But going to college my uncle told me to get a mac and so did the school so I got the G5 dual 2.5 when it came out in august 04. At first I held back the drool staring at it for a while. I had my mac and pc hooked up to a KVM switch so I could still render with a couple programs not on a mac. And everything else I did on my mac. Been 4 years now and after 6 months I canned the PC, but I’d still like to get a mac pro to run windows for the 2 apps I know inside out. Otherwise I wish I switched to a mac a long time ago, got my dad to get a mac now hoping my mom will switch over too someday and my bro in law and sister who are designers on windows (shudders)

  4. “Macs are closed machines that cannot be expanded.”

    Alas, there’s too much truth to that so-called myth. And it continues to be one of the very few things about the PC side that causes some envy (another being the ability to use nice machines such as the new Thinkpad x300).

    Fortunately, my sources tell me there’s a real possibility of the “X Mac” / “headless MAc” box that so many have longed for. Final decision not yet made but there is a prototype under consideration.

  5. @ PC Apologist:

    Actually, Apple’s $2300 Quad Core Mac Pro is the least expensive, expandable Mac.

    Still, what’s to expand. They’re fast and have all the ports you’ll ever need. I have had many Macs and, other than a PCMCIA Firewire card I put in a Wallstreet Powerbook some years back, I don’t recall needing any internal upgrades. All my machines have been great for video editing.

  6. Macs DO cost more! You can get any of quite a few PCs ready to ‘run’ out of the box (sort of, all the parts are there) for under $500 while few of us can get a ready-to-run Mac for less than twice that price!
    Oh … you want to talk “comparable machines”? Well, that’s a different story. And unimportant if you can be happy with a $449 PC to check your email with. That’s like arguing about a “closed machine … if a $1,200 iMac does everything you want, why would you care if it’s “closed”? No … don’t answer that. Then we’d have to laugh at you.

  7. @PC apologist,
    Not much software for the Mac? How about every single piece of software out there for Mac, Winblows, and Linux?

    Say it after me: “The Macintosh platform runs MORE SOFTWARE THAN WINDOZE! It runs every piece of software on the planet!”

    Lesson over.

  8. I still laugh at dorks like PC apologist when they talk about a lack of Mac software. For one thing, a Mac is the only computer on the planet that will run OS X, Windows, and Linux natively and even simultaneously if you want to.

    Secondly, quantity does not equal quality. But quality has obviously never been something that a PC apologist would care anything about anyway.

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