What’s coming from Apple at WWDC?

“WWDC is drawing near, and its time for our almost traditional heap of speculation and wishful thinking, hammered into the constraints of a numbered list,” Charlie Sorrel blogs for Wired. “Of course, ninety percent of what is written below will turn out to be far from the mark or just plain wrong, but hey, if we don’t make a guess, we won’t get anything right.”

Sorrel’s list with probabilities:
1. 3G iPhone – 10/10
2. Proper New MacBook Pro – 8/10
3. Aluminum MacBook – 4/10
4. Internet Tablet – 1/10
5. Touch Screen Nano 5/10

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  1. This seems to be the most guesswork ever. Everyone is in the dark. Sure, we can speculate, but noone really knows anything. I just wish it was going to be next week instead of 3 weeks.
    Hype can get boring, too. It needs to peak on June 9th, but it has peaked too early. I don’t think Apple predicted the iPhone would sell out quite this early.

  2. “How about some updated MONITORS. It’s only been, what, 5 years since the last refresh? The current lot are mummified.

    Fast refresh rate.
    Color accurate.
    Built-in iSight.”

    they do get silent upgrades and use the best panels available, there will be no isight as it would sacrifice sales in studios etc.

  3. Gabriel’s list with made-up probabilities:

    1. Apple TV Touch (will magically provide a multitouch interface for your TV) – 15/10
    2. Airport Extreme Touch (will allow you to simply touch the WiFi waves) – 19/10
    3. Two-Sided MacBook Touch (monitor on both sides, touch interface all over, even on the aluminum) – 3.14159265358979/10
    4. The Magical Runs-Every-Program-Ever-Written-For-Any-Platform-Ever-Even-The-Amiga: MacBook Unicorn – square root of negative 17/10
    5. iPod Holo – 100/10

    Hey, it’s a list, and it’s about Apple! That must make my least at least equally newsworthy. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Apple will launch a big ass tablecloth. You will be able to spread it out on any table or hang it on the wall. Complete touch interface. Will connect through WiFi. Will charge itself by collecting the static electricity generated by the user’s touch or from a microwave power distribution system. Can be used for TV, Keynote, Blu-Ray DVDs, as a virtual window (not Windows), functions as a web cam as well with sensor between the LEDs. Uses a flexible OLED screen. Optional remote keyboard and remote. Also imbeds thin-film speakers for an excellent audio experience.

  5. The cinemas definitely need an update. As far as built-in isight… I don’t see that happening… I am somewhat pissed off I cannot buy an apple isight for my mac. I guess they didn’t sell enough to keep making them for the desktops.

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