Report: Cox also guilty of blocking BitTorrent traffic

“Cox Communications appears to be interfering with file-sharing by its Internet subscribers in the same manner that has landed Comcast Corp. in hot water with regulators, according to research obtained by The Associated Press,” Peter Svensson reports for AP.

“A study based on the participation of 8,175 Internet users around the world found conclusive signs of blocked file-sharing connections only at three Internet service providers: Comcast and Cox in the U.S. and StarHub in Singapore,” Svensson reports.

“Of the 788 Comcast subscribers who participated in the study, 491, or 62 percent, had their connections blocked. At Cox, 82 out of 151 subscribers, or 54 percent, were blocked, according to Krishna Gummadi at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Saarbruecken, Germany,” Svensson reports.

“Consumer advocate groups and legal scholars criticized the interference, saying that letting an ISP selectively block some connections makes it a gatekeeper to the Internet. Their complaints prompted the Federal Communications Commission to launch an investigation, which is ongoing,” Svensson reports.

Much more in the full article here.


  1. No one should be surprised by this. It is a very bad idea to allow one company to control the Internet pipeline and sell entertainment content.

    Like Comcast Cable, Cox is positioning itself to fend off an assault by Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Blockbuster Online for Internet video sales.

    This is the first step in that process. Their problem is this: it’s already too late. Cable companies have squandered any good will they might have once had with customers by constantly raising prices while delivering poor new digital service, especially HDTV.

  2. Won’t be long before wireless broadband will be fast enough for most things. Then wireless broadband will do to wired broadband what cell phone have done to landlines.

    Insert obligatory MDN-take about blood.

  3. I for one, love Cox. I just can’t wait for Cox to get bigger. I know that some people feel violated by Cox, but I love them in my smaller area. And their service is great. I just have Cox enter my back door when I need serviced. Looooooovvvveeee themmmm!

    MDN Magic Word: Length

    I would go to any length to get Cox.

  4. I have comcast right now. I somehow achieved 20 megabit download speeds for a while last year and now they are at 15 and we pay the standard house hold plan I think $45 a month. I don’t use bit torrent because of the horridly slow speeds and bad connections and unreliability. I do use usenet though, and I’ve got speeds going at 800KB/s on average. It’s annoying that they are cutting my speeds in half. I even have ssl but for some reason it wont connect if I have it enabled. They really need to stop this crap. I don’t see a reason for them doing this at all.

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