Did Apple plan the current iPhone shortage?

“iPhone is out of stock across Apple,” Andy Space writes for 9 to 5 Mac.

Space writes, “It makes sense that with a new model iPhone on the way, Apple is clearing its supply chain to make way for the device. But its a deeper strategy. I suspect (personal opinion, speculation, alert) Apple management have deliberately decided to make the device more or less unavailable in the weeks preceeding the release of the new model.”

This makes sense for two reasons:
1. Stimulate demand
2. Keep customers happy

Space writes, “I think the current lack of availability is deliberately designed to minimize complaints and maximize demand.”

Full article here.


  1. It would make a lot of sense. Otherwise, you’d get people who bought one a week before coming back wanted to exchange it for a new one. Simple, effective. Take the hit now by not selling any for a month rather than have the hassle of trying to unload “old” iPhones.

  2. Wow, Andy Space-Cadet is a real genius! That’s almost on par with “eating nutritious food is a good thing”. Ericdano hit the nail on the head. It’s rather easy to see when you’re as smart as Andy Space-Cadet.

  3. @aware, and they are going to put them up on ebay as soon as they step foot into their house.

    @ericdano, ever think about when they update their laptops? or desktops? thats kinda screwin people too…My friend bought the new iMac, then a week later the new one was out.What do they do with the older model computers? I’m sure they dont run out of stock on them.

    With the iphone being as big of a deal as it is, it somewhat makes sense to stop making the old one. That gives them more time to produce more of the new one. Places were selling out when they came out so im sure they are going to stock up on more than the first time around. Then we can watch all other cell phone companies standing with a blank face, as they see the iphone market share rise even higher. I wouldn’t doubt that within another year they will be bigger than RIM. Only took them a year to get to 28% now with even more capability from the sdk and 3G…. good luck to you phone makers out there.

  4. Again, I think complaints are the least of Apple’s worries. I think they can either produce both iPhones or they can put their focus and ramp up production of the new version 2 iPhone in order to have an international release. Can anyone image the volume of production for an international release while at the same time keeping everything secret. That to me is simply amazing. Keeping a lid on it is nearly impossible, and they have done it. To date, noone really knows ANYTHING!!!

  5. Plan Bill Gate’s retirement? Maybe not, but they’ve had a hand in it! Bill saw the writing on the wall several years ago, and he decided to bail out early enough that Ballmer would have to take the heat for Microsoft’s upcoming troubles.

    Bill was the first rat to leave the ship.

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