AT&T limits Apple iPhone purchases to one per customer

“A ‘breaking news’ bulletin was just sent out to all AT&T Retail employees today stating that they have started limiting iPhone purchases to one per customer,” The Boy Genius reports.

New iPhone Purchase Limit
Effective immediately, customers can only purchase one iPhone device.

Full article here.


  1. I know that I already posted this, but it is interesting to note otherwise. The three people in front of me at the Apple store each purchased 4 IPhones apiece. I am guessing that all of them were visiting from various places in Europe. Unlock and sell?

  2. exactly, unless there were some mass frenzy for them right now that people want to buy up the original one and keep for historical value as the phone that started it all………

    Otherwise, yeah it’s a bunch of crap people are trying to sell them.

  3. I cracked the screen on mine… I was planning on keeping it forever as a collector’s item. Now I’m tempted to buy a refurb’ed one… just to say I had the orignal generation of the device that changed everthing…. but then again if I wait a year, the current generation can probably be purchased for less than a $100… I think I’ll wait

  4. I go to the Michigan Ave. Apple Store when in Chicago frequently… I often see multiple iPhone purchases. I agree with the speculation on here and other places that they are for unlocking, probably abroad.

    This looks like a continued effort to sustain a low supply until the new model(s) come out. Restrictions will probably be lifted after initial surge in sales.

  5. I rounded up 15, brought them back to Europe. I spoofed one Apple Store manager into selling me 9. Made a killing of those phones.

    Thanks Apple.

    Also, finished up buying 3 phones from an AT&T;shop. They never knew what hit em.

  6. In another MSN news article, I guessed that iPhone 2.0 would come sooner than WWDC so that Apple could focus on the SDK. But now, it seems I was wrong. Limiting iPhone to 1 per customer may mean that Apple needs to stretch the current inventory for quite sometime, that is until, WWDC.

  7. So not only will Apple get weeks of publicity following the introduction of the new iPhone, but now they’ve figured out a way to get weeks of free publicity as all the news sources count down to the last original iPhone sold.


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