Continuous reboots plague Windows XP SP3 sufferers

“What are you doing this weekend? How about watching your PC continually reboot? That’s what some aggravated Windows XP users have been doing Friday after installing the XP service pack 3 (SP3),” Chloe Albanesius reports for PC Magazine.

“‘Microsoft is aware of these issues and we are investigating them further,’ according to a spokeswoman. ‘We will keep customers informed with our progress. Any customer who experiences a problem with Windows XP SP3 installation should contact Microsoft Customer Support Services,'” Albanesius reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A much better and smarter way to make use of the weekend: eBay the POS — or better yet, spare the next sucker and just turn the thing in for recycling — and get a Mac.


  1. I agree with “dd” on that front.
    M$ shot themselves in the foot with that decision a couple of decades ago.
    If I read “CandTsmac” correctly, I don’t agree with your statement:
    Making your own software is not a monopoly as long as long as you give the chance for other companies, programmers to add their own products and see what the users end up deciding as good or poor software and you don’t do everything in your power to mess up their efforts at providing a viable alternative. Apple has for years left the gate open for other software developers to add to the Mac experience with sometimes adding some of the developed software to their OS. Though the same may be said with M$ at times, they just did not get standards going at the beginning and stuck with them. Their latest browser IE7 fares poorly at the “acid test 2”, let alone “acid test 3” where Safari can at least boast 75% on AT3. Even iCab rates 75% on AT3 and the browser developer can’t even come close to having the money and personnel that M$ has.

    Standards do matter and just because M$ does what it bloody well wants with a supremacist attitude does not mean that it is better. Users are fed up with the mess the company has created and the managers of M$ are completely out of tune with the reality of modern day computing.

    What has M$ done well in the past decade?
    What has Ballmer done well in the past decade for M$?

    Please let us know!

  2. Last week I attempted to install the SP3 on my Parallels XP at least a dozen times. I kept being told that I didn’t have enough space on the drive, so would clean and clear space. Never had enough room. Now I consider myself lucky it failed. Windows users are used to this and just take it for granted that this crap goes on for all computer users.

    Yeah, some applications require Windows, but for everything else, please do what MDN and every Mac users recommends: just Get a Mac!

  3. Shen and Stephen…

    are exactly right. This is just MicroSoft’s way of making sure everyone is ready to move on to Vista.

    Simple as that. I’m so glad I switched. It’s been 4 glorious years and those around me are switching as well. At least my parents won’t suffer the latest Windows problems.


  4. This is why OS X should only run on Macs. The PCs have too many hardware combinations to for any one operating system to be reliable.

    Windows is now a cancerous zombie that needs to be constantly fed new code. It is best to shoot it in the head now, before it is too late.

  5. I know why … they developed SP3 on SP2 or Vista. Either way, when you pile shit on shit, all you’ll come up with is a bigger pile of shit.

    > What has M$ done well in the past decade?

    Squander monopoly money in a futile attempt to start other monopolies?

    > What has Ballmer done well in the past decade for M$?

    Two possibilities here, ignoring the obvious simian possibility:
    He’s either on Jobs’ payroll or Stevie has photographs of Steve doing something so horrible that exposure in public of said photos would just break the man. Since Ballmer has enough dough, we can eliminate option one.

    Service Pack 3 adds several networking and security improvements, and compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 security credential providers.

    One step forward and two steps back.

    Meanwhile, Microsoft reported this week that users who install XP SP3 will not be able to downgrade from Internet Explorer 7 to IE6.

    MW: Situation “Normal” – All F*cked Up.

  6. In a world of polarities, everyone has an unalienable birth right to experience the essence of genius or stupidity. Apple and Microsoft have certainly filled the niche as a provider for one of these realities. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. MS CHOOSE to ‘support and accomodate 3rd-party software’ — INCLUDING developing Mac software — why is it their customer’s fault that they have a difficult time doing so?

    Why is the public’s fault that MS can’t say no to every box maker out there?

  8. Perhaps this is an upgrade strategy. They can’t get people to switch from XP, so they are going to sabotage their XP systems with a crappy update in an attempt to force Vista.

  9. @CandTsmac

    In that case Apple is probably just as bad: After buying Logic Audio, first thing they axed the windows version.

    So, can´t really blame MS, at least not anymore than Apple.

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