Video Shootout: Apple iPhone on 2.5G EDGE vs. 3G HSDPA

YouTube user “ApplicandoMovie” has posted a video of the same Apple iPhone displayed side-by-side on 2.5G EDGE vs. 3G HSDPA (via Wi-Fi using an iMac with an HSDPA modem) to give viewers an idea of the speed differences between the two cellular wireless technologies.

The test shows the same website loading in 30 seconds on 2.5G EDGE vs. 16 seconds on 3G HSDPA.

Video Shootout: Apple iPhone on 2.5G EDGE vs. 3G HSDPA:
(in Italian and English)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Len” for the heads up.]


  1. The iPhone with HSDPA would probably load it in 10 seconds.

    And let’s remember, guys, that mostly all 3G phones have EDGE as a backup for when you can’t get a 3G signal.

  2. The song behind the vid is a demo song that shipped with Apple’s Jam Pack Remix Tools. Of course, using any of the Jam Pack content, including demo songs, is 100% license free, use for anything, even a feature film. Go Apple!

    ps- when do I get a newer, more modern Remix Tools!??? While I’m surprised at how current the software instruments and even some of the loops sound, some of it is pretty ancient in dance culture history.. 2-Step!?

  3. >Mac-nugget wrote: EDGE on my iPhone can be tolerably slow to painfully useless. It depends where I am, and the time of day.


    I’d add that speed decreases while in a moving vehicle. Maybe the movement between towers has something to do with it, I don’t know. Being indoors dramatically reduces speed as well.

  4. Sqe, here’s the trick.

    Go to the coverage viewer. Click on data. Zoom in one level from the nation. Look for the dark blue areas.

    Get outside any major metropolitan area and it’s non-existant. And you don’t have to get that far outside one, either.

    That said, I’m one of those waiting for 3G because I have coverage in my area.

  5. no offence gringos, but releasing a 3G iPhone has a lot more to do with Apple expanding into Europe, Asia and Australia – where 3G is now the norm – than it does with the US market.

  6. “AT&T;is going to have to pump up their 3G coverage…plain and simple.”

    You’re right. Today it only covers all major cities and half the US population. They had better get working on all the minor cities and the other half of the population quickly.

  7. “mostly all 3G phones have EDGE as a backup for when you can’t get a 3G signal.”

    All GSM 3G phones have Edge backup when you can’t get a 3G signal. For Apple Fanboys, 3G has problems because they cannot use it with an iPhone so have to pretend it sucks. For the rest of us, it works well and is much much faster. Only 2xSpeed up on HSPDA? I wonder what that guy was doing to slow it down? Running it through an Mac or something?

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