‘Mac clone’ Psystar ‘Open Computer’ unboxing photos

Engadget has their hands on “the first Psystar Open Computer shipped out for review,” Nilay Patel reports.

“We’re just getting it set up, but check out the unboxing [photos],” Patel writes.

See the photos here.

MacDailyNews Take: Focacta from the packaging to the plug.

MacDailyNews Note: From Psystar’s online FAQ: Can I update my Open/OpenPro with the Leopard OS using the Apple web site or the Leopard Automatic Update Feature [sic]? We do not support that feature of the operating system. Supported updates will be listed under support on the Psystar website. Future operating system updates may cause severe system problems. Only install updates that have been tested and posted to the Psystar support website.


  1. Is it so hard for a “journalist” to take pictures that don’t suck? Sheesh.

    Hint guys. With digital cameras, the film is free. Review each pic for clarity and make sure you’ve got a keeper before proceeding to the step stage of un-boxing.

  2. On the package tape:


    “If tape seal is disturbed check contents before signing”

    Wouldn’t it be a little late by then for caution since prudence wasn’t an issue?

    Disturbed. Indeed.

  3. UGH!

    If that’s what the cheap-assed ‘Doze loving crowd wants (a cheap-assed computer looking like it was pulled from a box of Cracker Jacks), then they can keep it!

    OMFG, even as a cheap-assed white box, that’s one cheap-assed looking case.

    Have I mentioned that it looks cheap?

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