Apple erects second Green Monster in Boston

Apple has erected a second Green Monster to join the famous 37-foot, two-inch left field wall of Fenway Park, the home of Major League Baseball’s World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Apple’s is a teaser billboard covering the facade of their upcoming Apple Store Boylston Street.

See better and larger photos via TUAW here.


  1. Very nice & appropriate. They did a great job with the NYC opening on 14th Street as well (using the yellow, red and green subway line icons of the W, 1 and 4). Brilliant marketing on their part, thinking local.

  2. What’s all this talk about a huge erection in Boston? I am personally outraged by this inappropriate behavior! This sort of thing has to stop, and immediately. It is most unbecoming to have people behaving like this!

    What? It’s a large sign? For an Apple store? Oh, never mind!

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