Microsoft CEO Ballmer says Windows Vista ‘a work in progress’

“As PC users clamor for Microsoft to continue to support Windows XP, company CEO Steve Ballmer called the Vista OS ‘a work in progress’ at an annual Seattle event on Thursday,” Nancy Gohring reports for IDG News Service.

“‘It’s a very important piece of work. We did a lot of things right and have a lot of things we need to learn from. You never want to let five years go between releases,’ he said,” Gohring reports.

“While Microsoft recently extended the date when the XP software will be available for low-cost PCs, it doesn’t plan to listen to some other complaints, including that Vista is too big. ‘Vista is bigger than XP and it’s gonna stay bigger than XP,” Ballmer said. “We have to make sure it doesn’t get bigger still,'” Gohring reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There’s nothing new here; everyone knows that Microsoft’s been turtling Vista for years.


  1. Putting all the ‘Microsoft sucks’ talk aside for a moment, Vista is the first major release of Windows in almost a decade, and it’s a ‘work in progress’? What the hell is that? Any major software release has some bugs, but a ‘work in progress’?

  2. And get that – a move into PC hardware and “much broader horizons’ than when Bill G and Paul Allen were in charge.

    Methinks Ballmer is going to drive MS into oblivion within 5 years max.

  3. @ Macaday

    There’s no way he’ll last that long. One more hose-job like Vista and I think shareholders might finally come to life and boot the guy out. Either that, or the angry mod at the gates will carry him off in chains and hang him from the 520 bridge and hurl Vista Capable™ notebooks at him.

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