PC Magazine debates the pros and cons of Apple’s iPhone

“It’s been the better part of a year since the debut of Apple’s iPhone—enough time for most of the early hype to die down, for the most egregious bugs to get fixed, and for users to learn to deal with the foibles of a new mobile platform—or learn that said foibles are too much to take,” Wendy Sheehan Donnell and Joel Santo Domingo report for PC Magazine.

“Here at PC Magazine, we’ve got iPhone users on both sides. Some are thrilled with the device, others want their $500 back. In the left corner, representing the iPhone fans, is Joel ‘Don’t Call Me a Fanboy’ Santo Domingo, PC Mag’s lead desktop PC analyst. In the right corner, representing those with buyer’s remorse, is Wendy ‘Apple KoolAid Made Me Sick’ Sheehan Donnell, senior editor of our Consumer Electronics team,” PC Mag’s intrepid tri-named and now also nicknamed reporters write.

Full article, in which Wendy complains about AT&T phone service quality, AT&T EDGE speed, iPhone’s speaker and mic quality, the virtual keyboard, and the rest of the usual list of competitors’ talking points while Joel gallantly defends iPhone’s honor, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MidWest Mac” for the heads up.]

As we’ve grown fond of saying, AT&T could cut the speed of EDGE in half today and you’d still have to pry our iPhones out of our cold dead hands.


  1. “Wendy = ugly and mean;
    iPhone = beautiful and slim.

    I’ll take the iPhone.”

    Let me just add … and ugly.

    She should go back to whatever she was using before the incomparable iPhone.

  2. I buy my iPhone on day 1 and a year later it is being upgraded. I buy my nice new Lexus IS 300 a year later they come out with the IS 350. I buy my Samsung 720p HDTV, and a year later I buy a Samsung LCD 1080p and with 120hz tech to replace it. I will never buy anything again, every year they just make a better product. For the same price. We should just all sit around and not buy a single item so companies can go out of business and not have the ability to drive technology and world economy. We can do it all the way back to the stone age.

    Buy the product or dont. Apple is not forcing you to buy their product you choose to. I am happy with every purchase I make. And in a couple of months if/when apple upgrades their iPhone line, guess what. I will be there in line waiting. I mean, I dont think i have ever had a phone for over a year anyways. someone should do an actually survey to see what the average life or ownership of a cell phone even is.

  3. So when did foibles become an arcane word? Perhaps it just demonstrates the sinking educational standards here in the USA. Higher standards? But we’d have to pay teachers real money! And we have two wars to pay for! Heaven forfend [or is that word too arcane also? and maybe arcane as well?). Oops, bile attack. Where did I put that Pepto-Bismol? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. So I think that Wendy should get her hearing checked. Seriously. There are times when I just turn up the volume and can hear quite well, even with 30 mile per hour winds.

    I would like to know what everyone that doesn’t like AT&T;would prefer, because I don’t think its any worse than Verizon (actually has better coverage where I frequently travel).

    This cell phone stuff may just be a lot of media sell, but it certainly can be aggravating when you expect service and don’t get it. Which happens with them all, or at the least the two that I have used. With the phone, AT&T;works o.k. EDGE speed varies, and in Big Sky, the little “E” doesn’t show up on the phone at all, so no edge even, and the phone only worked if I stood in the correct window and faced the right direction.

  5. Like the word, Foibles?

    Look up “ad hominem”. It’s usually used with the word “attack” and in that usage usually understood to be entirely under the belt, cowardly and inappropriate.

    I must say that I’m drifting away from caring about MDN comments any more. This place feels like a Junior High cafeteria to me. I guess at 34 I’m feeling a thirst for a bit more maturity. Nothing about ya’ll. Maybe you are in Junior High or maybe this is just a place for you to blow off steam. That’s cool. I’m just saying, I think I’m going to take my ball and go elsewhere. I’m tired.

    Maybe I’ll see you in a few.

    MW: Freedom :p

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