MacUpdate releases Parallels bundle for US$64.99 (retail $474.76)

MacUpdate has released the MacUpdate Parallels bundle. It is a software bundle that includes Parallels and 9+ more top Mac apps. You can purchase the bundle of software for $64.99 (retails at $474.76), which is less than the price of Parallels by itself and a savings of $409. This event is time limited and runs April 16-29th. In 2007, MacUpdate sold over 27,000 bundles, reaching record numbers for that year.

The bundle includes:
• Parallels Desktop* – Run Windows OS and apps from within Mac OS X.
• BannerZest* – Flash presentation software for pro and amateur web designers.
• Sound Studio* – Audio recording and editing tool with automator Monbots.
• DVDRemaster Pro – Duplicate, burn or convert DVD movies for iPod, iPhone or Apple
• Typinator – Types repeating texts and pictures for you.
• Novel writing software.
• Leap – New Spotlight interface with tagging.
• MenuCalendarClock – Menu item calendar/clock with iCal integration.
• Art Text – Create high quality headings, logos, icons, banners and buttons.
• Hazel – Your personal Mac OS X housekeeper.

As with most of these bundle events, there are 3 unlock milestones (5,000, 10,000 & 15,000). As the Mac community hits each of these goals, Sound Studio, BannerZest and Parallels will be unlocked into the bundle for free. Because of the success of users spreading the word during their last 2 events, MacUpdate expects to unlock all of the top tier apps into the bundle this time as well.

Visit MUPromo and be sure to check out the movie that highlights each of the apps in the bundle.

More info, including the current total of bundles sold, here.

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  1. I don’t know… Parallels is ok, but I prefer VMWare Fusion. I had Parallels 2.5 running VS VMWare Fusion Beta, and Fusion was less buggy, ran faster (even with debug symbols loaded) and had less of an effect on the main OS (Parallels had an odd thing where it would hang the system during some tasks, (bootup, etc) once over everything would go back to normal, but during that period it almost seemed like the system had crashed or locked up).

    As for the other items in the bundle, personally not too interested… Except maybe for Leap… that might be an interesting addition to Spotlight… Has anyone else used it?

  2. MrScrith:

    It has been reported that the current version of Fusion is generally better than the current version of Parallels. I don’t know if the other software bundled is worth $64.99, but it seems that this offer could be a bargain.

    From VersionTracker:

    Fusion (4 of 5 stars) vs Parallels (3 of 5 stars) vs Boot Camp (*4 of 5 stars)

    Hazel ( 5 of 5 stars)
    ArtText (5 of 5 stars)
    Typinator (5 of 5 stars)
    BannerZest (5 of 5 stars)

    Leap (4 of 5 stars)
    Sound Studio (4 of 5 stars)
    DVDRemaster (4 of 5 stars)
    MenuCalendarClock (4 of 5 stars)

    As always, review and compare ALL available versions.

  3. This is by far the strongest bundle I’ve ever seen from them – I purchased a bundle a year ago and was generally satisfied with the apps – I use 2 of ’em regularly, and I’m sure I’ll use another 2 before the year is over – but THIS bundle just blows me away!!

    I am buying right now, this very second… It’s like buying Parallels for $30 off AND getting $400 worth of other fantastically well-made apps for FREE!! WTF?!!

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