Forbes looks at ‘Apple’s Greatest Innovations’

“Everywhere you turn this year, Apple’s machines are on the march. Apple’s iPhone is continuing to gobble up the smart phone market. Apple’s PCs and notebook computers–long relegated to a niche status–are tearing off big gobs of the PC market,” Brian Caulfield writes for Forbes. “Even Apple’s least successful effort–AppleTV–has rivals such as Blockbuster scrambling to blunt Apple’s attack.”

“The common denominator? Software. While great industrial design–whether it’s for great cars or great buildings–always attracts gawkers, it’s software that makes Apple’s proliferating array of machines so comfortable to use on a long-term basis. Apple’s best products mix the curb appeal of a Lamborghini with easy-to-drive friendliness of a Honda Accord,” Caulfield writes.

“‘We make the whole widget,’ Apple CEO Steve Jobs is fond of saying,” Caulfield writes. “Apple’s move to put a shrunk-down version of its operating system, OS X, on the iPhone and the iPod Touch tells us that Apple sees portable, Web-friendly gizmos as a big part of its future. It’s why speculation about Apple’s next move is so rampant: we may not know what it will look like, but Apple users know it will run the Apple software they know and love.”

Forbes’ “Seven Great Apple Software Innovations” are:
• OS X: Unix For The Masses
• iLife: Lifestyle Computing
• iTunes: Digital Media Made Easy
• Mac OS: The Graphical User Interface Goes Big Time
• Newton: A Computer In Your Pocket
• iPhone: The Web In Your Pocket
• iPod: Music (and Movies) In Your Pocket

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Kevin” and “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Awesome! Zunie (or one of then anyway) is back! I haven’t seen a classical Zunie posting in a while! Good grins, buddy! there’s a job for you on Fox News ! BTW how does Bill Gate’s and Steve Ballmers butts taste? ? ?

  2. I agree with OS X as #1, but disagree with the Newton even being on there.

    What about Apple’s early adoption of wireless networking (Airport) and the invisible Rendezvous/Bonjour that never gets ANY credit?

    Just sayin’.

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  3. P.S. Why WERE they quoting Rob Enderle of the husband and wife team “The Enderle Group”?

    Just sayin’.

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  4. The Newton; Yes, absolutely, so; Newton most definitely belongs on this list. It was indeed the single product that spurned the entire PDA, market. I personally own the 2000 model and still use it quite frequently, the handwriting recognition continues to blow people away, there are plenty of useful app available, color screens, speedier processors etc. I’ve got project planning software that works very well when traveling … for small to medium size projects, spreadsheets, db’s, connectivity software, and it all still works quite well …. years AFTER the product was officially killed by Stevie Boy! Maybe his ego will allow him to reintroduce the Newton concept with his personal genius spin … won’t that just be peachy … ooops I mean Apple.


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