Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.5.3 (9d19) to developers

Apple seeded the latest version of Mac OS X 10.5.3 (9d19) to developers on Friday.

Arnold Kim reports for Mac Rumors, “The latest version of Mac OS X Leopard adds 31 bug fixes to the growing list of issues addressed in the upcoming release. Features that are specifically targeted for focused testing include AirPort, Back To My Mac, Spaces, Time Machine and many others.”

More in the brief report here.


  1. Would be nice to see a fix to that issue that causes the keyboards functionkeys (Dashboard, exposé) to forget the settings when wow has been launched. I have no custom settings in wow that uses those keys (other than maybee the standardsettings for choosing partymembers). The F8 key (spaces) isnt effected.

  2. Mymac4ever;

    Blizzard is failing to remap your keyboard layout to the state that Blizzard’s software found it in.
    Call Blizzard about Blizzard’s bug, because Blizzard’s bug belongs to Blizzard and not Apple.

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  3. “Botvinnik hates people who talk in third person.”

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    And I once found that people who eventually mix verb and adverb tenses now regret their decision sooner rather later if at all.

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