Apple iPhone-only social network imminent

“In February I wrote a post called ‘Will There Be A (Successful) iPhone-Only Social Network?’ and presented an argument that the iPhone SDK presented a compelling opportunity to launch a mobile social network while avoiding the chicken and egg problem that any new network, and particularly a mobile network, would encounter. iPhone penetration in Silicon Valley, and among early adopters, is so high that the application could spread virally among those communities. As the network gains traction, it could expand to Google’s Android platform and grow from there,” Michael Arrington reports for TechCrunch.

“iPhone users are the perfect group to launch the network to. They’re passionate and elitist, and will like the idea of being in an iPhone-only club. Go to a party and see a picture and first name of everyone there who’s holding an iPhone – then meet them and add them as friends. Then, once mutual friendship is established, see those people wherever they are in the world, along with presence information telling you what they’re thinking, or up to,” Arrington reports.

“I believe in the idea so much that I explored putting together a team to build a basic network on top of the iPhone SDK. But I abandoned that idea last week when I saw a live demo, on the iPhone, of an upcoming social network that does everything I called for in that February post,” Arrington reports.

“The startup behind the new application won’t let me disclose their name yet. But the application is awesome. It shows you everyone around you who has it installed on an iPhone (default privacy is set to off, but can be changed). Users can scroll through nearby users, and set filters for men, women or age ranges. If you find someone interesting you can pull up their profile and ping them. If they respond you can start a chat, on the phone or in person. Of course, they can also choose to block you,” Arrington reports.

“Location is based on the triangulation feature of the iPhone, which is accurate enough to get this going… I saw the app running on an iPhone and even the early prototype left me speechless. It will, I believe, prove to be very popular, and very valuable,” Arrington reports.

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  1. Interesting idea. A similar service is already up in some US cities through any type of phone. (Check out The triangulation for the iPhone would mean the iPhone Social Net would not be confined to set cities, but on the other hand it also means that it might be hard to find other people on the network.

  2. “They’re passionate and elitist, and will like the idea of being in an iPhone-only club.”

    How true that is…

    Are there not already enough exclusive clubs for rich people? Country club? Yacht club? Oh, I’m sorry. This would be the Yacht club for cool, young, rich people!

  3. You’re right, Jordan. Maybe someone will start a club for mendicant bums who live in boxes. Sounds like a winning business idea to me.

    If you think you need to be ‘rich’ to own an iPhone, then you better go check the engine block of your Trans Am. I think your Steak-umm is burning.

  4. First, put the camera on the face of the unit, then combine mobile texting with landline MySpace and Facebook social networking and the power of IM, all in one super mobile intuitive device. Therz gold in them ther hilz, folks.

  5. Is there something I’m missing here? I’ve never used facebook, never logged onto MySpace, and see no reason to have virtual friends and to “know what they are thinking or what they are up to”. I just don’t get it. I have plenty of real friends, plenty of love for technology and especially Apple stuff, but why is this social network thing so popular? All I see are privacy issues.

    Isn’t it funny how we rail against the government for “Big Brother” privacy issues and then go on reality shows by the same name or Jerry Springer or “Moment of Truth” type shows to reveal every deep dark secret about ourselves anyway! This Facebook and My Space thing baffles me. What am I missing? Someone please enlighten me.

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