Apple and Bruce prepping Special Edition Springsteen iPod?

“Is Bruce Springsteen about to follow the example of his good pal Bono and get his own Special Edition iPod?” Red Herring asks. “Even, as he once joked, he wouldn’t take the money.”

“Dunno. The ones who would know, of course, are Springsteen; Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Jon Landau, Springsteen’s longtime manager and record producer. And they’re not talking,” Red Herring reports. “Still, we find it revealing that Springsteen, Jobs and Landau were in the same place at the same time Saturday night in downtown San Jose.”

Red Herring reports, “The occasion was Springsteen’s two-and-a-half hour, Ramrod-rockin’ performance at HP Pavilion. (Bruce actually didn’t play ‘Ramrod,’ but he made up for it by including ‘Boss Time’ in a rousing ‘Glory Days’). Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell, were spotted in the crowd below the right side of the stage, near E-Street band members ‘Professor’ Roy Bittan and ‘Sister’ Soozie Tyrell. A well-placed source said she also saw Landau, who does not attend many of Springsteen’s concerts, rockin’out nearby.”

Red Herring wonders, “Did the men discuss some business backstage before the show? Or were they there just to enjoy the ‘Magic’ of the night?”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Jobs was seen near a bus driver last week . . .
    Special Edition Public Transportation iPod

    Jobs was spotted exiting his podiatrist’s office earlier this month . . .
    Special Edition Foot Fetish iPod

    Jobs was observed shopping for tofu at his favorite market yesterday . . .
    Special Edition iPod with Songs about Famous Pescetarians, Organic Produce and Things that Begin with the Letter T.

  2. let me guess, the Springsteen iPod comes with 2 or 3 good songs, but slowly, the more you listen to it, the more pathetic and derivative it gets until finally it is totally irrelevant and forgotten.

  3. Springsteen’s record contract is a huge point of contention within SonyBMG. The last head of that music group lost his job in large part because of his personal involvement in getting Springsteen his $150mm deal. The company sees no way of recouping most of that money, nevermind making any profit. Springsteen doesn’t generate the massive record sales his contract necessitates and SonyBMG doesn’t get a cut from the singer’s touring income.
    It would not surprise me if a Boss iPod is a way for the label to make some money off of the Springsteen catalog.

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