J.P. Morgan ups Apple Q2, ‘08 estimates on strong MacBook shipments

J.P. Morgan Securities has raised their second fiscal quarter and 2008 estimates for Apple Inc. (AAPL), “saying stronger-than-expected MacBook shipments in the quarter will offset softer iPhone and iPod sales,” Ratul Ray Chaudhuri reports for Reuters.

“J.P. Morgan raised its second-quarter profit estimate for the company to $1.09 a share from $1.05 and 2008 estimate to $5.04 a share from $4.94,” Chaudhuri reports.

“Mac shipments in the quarter are now expected to be 2.11 million, above prior expectations of 1.97 million, the brokerage said,” Chaudhuri reports.

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“The Nasdaq composite index jumped 1 percent on Thursday as shares of Apple Inc. rose following positive brokerage comments on Apple’s profit outlook,” Ellis Mnyandu reports for Reuters.

Full article here.


  1. Ray:
    “Didn’t somebody just downgrade Apple?”

    From the top of this page:
    “Related articles:
    Morgan Keegan downgrades Apple to ‘underperform’ – April 08, 2008″

    Just my 1 Thai baht.

  2. Analysts just prove how stupid they are. Some up, some down, they can’t even predict one day ahead.

    They pull these numbers from where? I’d like to see analysts be held to the same predictions that Apple is.

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