Symwave takes FireWire to 1.6Gbps

Symwave, Inc., a privately-held supplier of high-performance analog/mixed signal semiconductor solutions for personal computer, consumer and mobile devices, announced today that it is demonstrating the world’s first IEEE 1394b S1600 Physical Layer (PHY) solution. The new device is backwards compatible with all prior generations of FireWire/1394, and is offered at an equivalent price to today’s 800Mbps solutions with twice the speed.

Symwave’s “FirePHY-1600” PHY solution is the latest product based on Symwave’s state-of-the-art, high speed SERDES technology, a critical core competency required for most next-generation connectivity standards, including the proposed USB3.0 standard. The FirePHY-1600 runs at 2GHz clock speed and is designed to comply with the IEEE 1394b S1600 standard enabling data transfer rates up to 1.6Gbps, nearly four times faster than the highest speed USB standard today.

“Symwave is proud to help drive the accelerated migration to the next speed level of 1394b/FireWire technology for both consumer and industrial applications,” said Yossi Cohen,
President and CEO of Symwave, in the press release. “The FirePHY-1600 is a significant leap forward for us in ultra-high speed SERDES design and is a remarkable achievement for our mixed-signal engineering team. This ‘no-compromise’ solution offers our customers the ultimate combination of speed, cost and backwards compatibility.”

FirePHY-1600 is an ideal interface technology for next generation Mac and PC platforms, computer peripheral devices and prosumer applications that demand a high speed interface with guaranteed bandwidth and quality of service. Target applications include Mac and PC interface ports, PC add-in cards and ExpressCards, external storage devices/enclosures, high definition industrial cameras, FireWire hubs/repeaters and high speed Flash card readers. Some unique advantages of FireWire over other high speed serial interfaces include the ability to support 45W power over 1394 cables, peer-to-peer networking and long distance networking over CAT-5, POF and Coax cables.

“We are thrilled that Symwave is introducing the world’s first S1600 silicon solution today,” said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association, in the press release. “Symwave’s innovative S1600 technology paves the way for a new breed of high speed applications and firmly establishes IEEE1394 (FireWire) as the interface technology of choice for next-generation products.”

Source: Symwave, Inc.


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