Spurious allegation that Apple deliberately kills iPods crosses the line

“I have just finished reading an opinion piece that, even by the lenient standards of opinion pieces, does a severe injustice to Apple, Inc.,” David Zeiler blogs for The Baltimore Sun.

“The sensationalist attack starts with the article’s title: “The Pusher of Cupertino.” The author, James Daley (who apparently works for The Independent newspaper of the U.K., though the piece appears on the MacNewsWorld Web site), goes on to speculate that Apple sabotages its iPods with software updates with the intent of disabling them,” Zeiler reports.

“His sources for this very serious accusation are the unfortunate iPod experiences of his wife and the anecdotal stories of friends and people on unnamed Internet forums. No facts, figures or studies, despite his claim of a ‘growing body of evidence,'” Zeiler reports.

“There’s usually nothing wrong with offering up some opinions based on anecdotal evidence. You want to complain about the shorter-than-expected life span of your iPods, fine,” Zeiler writes. “But Daley is accusing Apple of a criminal act. I think that calls for stronger facts than his wife’s conspiracy theories, his friends’ problems and some rants he read in a few Internet forums.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Intruder” for the heads up.]

We have a third-generation 40GB iPod (pre-click wheel; the one with the four buttons above the scroll-wheel) that was purchased in spring 2003 which has all of Apple’s software updates installed and it still works just fine, thanks. (Yes, it did get a new battery installed by Apple in sometime in 2006).


  1. I’ve got a 2G iPod without a new battery and it still works fine. The battery life is only abut 4 hours, but it’s at least 4 years old and that’s pretty good for a Li-ion battery.

  2. I have a first gen iPod that still does everything it promised to do when I bought it. I have never replaced the battery. Granted, I have since upgraded but there’s nothing wrong with it.

  3. My wife and my brother both have the original 5 gig iPods that work perfectly with all the new updates installed. Also have a 60 gig iPod Photo which is also still working perfectly. And now I just bought an iPod 16 gig touch for Christmas. Again with all the updates still working perfectly. Piece of advice for people using there iPods. Don’t drop them, toss them around like you do your car keys. Treat them like crystal glass and handle them gently. That’s how I treat my iPods and I’ve had no problems because of this. They are durable but many of them still have hard drives inside them. Even though they’re made to be somewhat tough, they will not with stand constant heavy vibration and shock.

  4. I absolutely agree. Did you hear about conspiracy where people purposely publish crappy information and call it journalism? The weird part about it is that they get paid…like a real wage and everything.

    Just my $0.02

  5. Sold my ipod touch to a friend, and it was spotless and flawless. Get a protective case, and take care not to drop, harrass or molest it. It’ll be fine.

    The flash based ones promise to be even more durable.

  6. I heard that Apple was trying to inactivate all my old electronic devices by offering insanely great substitutions.

    I hate that! I am so invested in my 3G iPod that I have to fight with myself to keep from buying a newer one.

  7. Ironically, like MDN, I also have a 3rd gen ipod that still works fine. I never replaced the battery, so no, I don’t get very good battery life out of it, but it does just fine otherwise.

    The bigger Apple gets, the more stones will be hurled at it…

  8. I recently replaced the batter in my 4G iPod Photo. The instructions from Newertech were easy to follow and the installation went without a hitch. For less than $30, I now have an iPod with longer life. I think anyone who throws away their iPod because of a dead battery is a fool.

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