ZDNet lays off George Ou

George Ou is saying goodbye to ZDNet, at the behest of ZDNet.

“ZDNet blogs has been my online home since 2004. With the help and a lot of guidance from David Berlind, Stephen Howard-Sarin, and David Grober, I was brought in to the world of blogging and journalism. I enjoyed my work and all the conversations here and I hope you found it informative and entertaining,” George Ou posted this morning to his ZDNet blog.

MacDailyNews Take: Nope. Try deceptive and amateurish:
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Ou writes, “As of March 26, 2008, I have to say goodbye to ZDNet because of some corporate restructuring. I have no ill will towards any of my managers and I hold no grudges towards the company. This will be my last and final post on ZDNet so farewell my friends.”

Full article here.

Surely some wastewater recovery plant somewhere needs a shit-stirrer.

Badbye, Georgie.

MacDailyNews Note: ZDNet is part of CNET Networks, Inc. The Associated Press reported yesterday, “CNet Networks Inc. says it is laying off 120 employees as part of an effort to streamline the online media company while generating more content for its news and entertainment sites.”

AP reports, “All the layoffs — about 4.4 percent of CNet’s work force — will involve employees in the U.S., according to a document CNet filed Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

Full article here.


  1. Ou-ch.

    “And you get your IT security information from commercials now? Yes they conveyed the idea pretty well, but then again so did Joseph Gerbils. If you tell a lie often enough, people begin to believe it.”
    – George Ou

    “Oh. Oh, God. It’s over the line to compare an ad campaign to the Nazis. It’s just damn funny to anthropomorphize the leader of one of history’s most insidious propaganda campaigns into an adorable woodland creature. Nerd flame-outs are the best.”
    – Pete Mortensen, Wired

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