Apple releases iPhone SDK Beta 2

In an email to iPhone Developers today, Apple has anounced:

The second beta version of the iPhone SDK is now available and includes Interface Builder, a powerful tool that allows you to visually build your interface and makes creating a UI as simple as drag and drop.

We’ve also added new sample code and updated documentation to the rich set of resources available to you in the iPhone Dev Center.

Log in to the iPhone Dev Center today and download the new version of the iPhone SDK.

Log in now.


  1. Still no ability to sync iPhone applications to the Mac? This is a major omission right now in the SDK. How are we supposed to develop a to-do list program for the Mac that syncs with a to-do list on our iPhone? Or how can we create any other sort of database-type application on our Mac and then sync it with a “companion product” on the iPhone?

  2. @MacBill & u dumbass — the phone apps work in one direction only: from the computer to the phone. Just like music and video. There should be a method in the SDK that allows local data in your handheld app to sync with your database, whether it’s your Mac or PC or wirelessly to your company’s server. If you haven’t figured out how to do that yet, I’d suggest you write to Apple. I sincerely doubt that aspect was omitted.

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