U.S. Supreme Court turns down Microsoft appeal of antitrust lawsuit brought by Novell

“The Supreme Court on Monday handed Microsoft Corp. a defeat by refusing to rule on the software giant’s request to halt an antitrust suit against it,” Christopher S. Rugaber reports for The Associated Press.

“The suit was brought in 2004 by Waltham, Mass.-based Novell Inc., which said in court papers that Microsoft “deliberately targeted and destroyed” its WordPerfect and QuattroPro programs in order to protect its Windows operating system monopoly,” Rugaber reports.

“Novell alleged that Microsoft targeted the programs because they could run on alternative operating systems and therefore could enable alternatives to Windows to gain market share,” Rugaber reports.

“Microsoft argued in court filings that Novell did not compete in the operating systems market, and therefore cannot claim to have been harmed by alleged anticompetitive conduct by Microsoft in that market,” Rugaber reports. “A federal district court and the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Richmond, Va., sided with Novell and allowed the suit to proceed.”

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Gee, that’s too bad, huh? LOL


  1. The “system” is finally seeing through Microsoft’s anti-competitive shenanigans. The E.U., the U.S. Supreme Court, the states, etc. are all saying, “Yo, we’re onto you, asshole. Don’t even try it; this ain’t the 90’s.”

    Ballmer better open the vault that he knows the combination to so well because they’re about to un-ass some more moolah.

    Has the Vista-ready/Vista-capable class-action hit yet? Bolt down the chairs indeed!

    Don’t you love it? I do!

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  2. Whatever. This will be thrown out too.

    Another liberal, activist court getting all full of themselves but it won’t work. Microsoft’s marvelous innovation and focus on customer needs speaks for itself. It’s called capitalism people. Sore loser Novell has sour grapes.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. It’s the liberal revisionist judges that legislate from the bench. Now with a set of really conservative judges and justice department, M$ will get its just deserts. Blame Clinton and the hapless Janet Reno for not taking care of the M$ back in the 90’s. Again if you haven’t seen the origins of internet on the Science Channel please watch the episode on the Browser Wars. It is obvious the Clinton administration gave M$ a pass. Gates was lying about M$’s tactics against Netscape, while being video’d by the D.O.J. And they show the actual tape.

    Just my $0.02

    P.S. I am from Miami. My Mom used to shop in the same Supermarket as Mrs. Reno did. When I was growing up D.A. Reno was the toast of the town. The Clinton administration took advantage of Mrs Reno’s illness and she was too proud to resign…Hence Waco..Hence Ruby ridge..Hence M$ getting away with murder.

  4. MS and novell can wither and rot, they deserve it. Novell raped Groupwise from WordPerfect, and then allowed WP to die on almost every platform except windows.

    Back when Apple was switching to OS X, Novell wouldn’t even recompile the linux version of WP that they were trying to push to keep the Mac WP users, Novell didn’t care.

    When it comes to Mac, they still don’t. They give great lip service to Mac clients, while farming out the development to ProSoft. The new Mac GW client is just the worst POS ever.

    Novell and MS, they deserve each other and the death that awaits them as they circle the bowl on their trip to oblivion.

  5. Actually, it was not the Clinton administration that , as Ray writes, “gave M$ a pass”. It was the incoming Bush administration’s John Ashcroft that decided to settle the anti-trust suit on such easy terms. Personally, I thought the focus of the trial was too narrow, but the judge did end up finding against Microsoft almost across the board. (I still have a copy of the “Findings of Fact”.) Had Judge Jackson not spoken so candidly to a journalist during the trial, he wouldn’t have been removed. A more lenient judge was put in his place.

    The irony is that while Justice was fighting Microsoft in court, internally it was pushing Windows and Office as their standard.

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