Bernstein Research’s Sacconaghi not sure iPhone SDK will allow Apple to hit 10M in 2008 sales goal

“On March 6, Apple unveiled a software development kit, or SDK, for third-party developers to build applications for the iPhone, and support for Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange ActiveSync that will give the iPhone features such as push email and other capabilities,” Rex Crum reports for MarketWatch.

“In a report Monday, Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research called the moves ‘positive developments’ for Apple and the iPhone, but questioned whether the efforts will be enough to help the company reach its goal of selling 10 million iPhones this year, or have much of an impact on the device’s position in the handset market,” Crum reports.

Crum reports, “Sacconaghi said the SDK is ‘critical to Apple’s maintaining the iPhone’s [market] positioning,’ but that it won’t necessarily make the iPhone more attractive to enterprise users. ‘We note that many mobile enterprise applications likely to be available on the iPhone (such as are already available for other wireless devices,’ he wrote.”

“Sacconaghi believes that architectural differences between ActiveSync and the BlackBerry service already “present a barrier for many corporate IT systems.” Because of that, Sacconaghi said he doesn’t expect the iPhone to became a standard-issue device at many large corporations. The device is more likely to find a niche with smaller business that will offer support for employees personal iPhones,” Crum reports.

Crum reports, “He said that the biggest stimulus to iPhone sales will probably be a price cut, or new models with lower prices than current devices.”

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In related news, Sacconaghi pranced around his Bernstein office proclaiming his belief in the Tooth Fairy while expressing serious doubts about the wetness of water. Later he confided, “I really don’t know anything about all this cellphone stuff, but those nice bears keep signing my checks, so…”


  1. Is anybody else getting sick of this ’10 million iPhones in 2008′ deal? The media and the bloggers seem to be completely obsessed with it. It seems to be a lost fact that the iPhone is doing really well and will continue to do so. I can just see it now….December 28th 2008, and Apple has sold ‘only’ 9.5 m, and the bashers go to work….

  2. This is an “analyst”? The SDK may be important for continued growth, but “critical”? Seriously? As for the differences between ActiveSync and Blackberry’s service … doesn’t “better” usually win out?
    The things mentioned as already available on other phones are merely minor blockages that can be removed, if needed. It isn’t that Apple can brag about this or that “killer app” so much as the Win ME and RIM folk will no longer be able to proclaim their “killer apps”. Thus, it’s less a question of “making the iPhone more attractive” as one of “removing impediments”.
    As for “the iPhone becoming standard issue”, I don’t know if that was ever in the plan. Not every company issues cell phones to employees, or at least not to most of them. This doesn’t mean the employees won’t be able to use an iPhone THEY own to access the Enterprise mail and such.

  3. I should have said that while I’m tired of hearing about it, I believe 10 million iPhones will be sold this year. The top brass wouldn’t continue to stand by it if they weren’t very sure of that number. I’m thinking they may have some information in their hip pocket that gives them extra confidence…

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