Microsoft executives’ internal emails highlight Windows Vista discontent

“Here’s one story of a Vista upgrade early last year that did not go well. Jon, let’s call him, (bear with me — I’ll reveal his full identity later) upgrades two XP machines to Vista. Then he discovers that his printer, regular scanner and film scanner lack Vista drivers. He has to stick with XP on one machine just so he can continue to use the peripherals,” Randall Stross reports for The New York Times.

“Did Jon simply have bad luck? Apparently not. When another person, Steven, hears about Jon’s woes, he says drivers are missing in every category — ‘this is the same across the whole ecosystem,'” Stross reports. “Then there’s Mike, who buys a laptop that has a reassuring ‘Windows Vista Capable’ logo affixed. He thinks that he will be able to run Vista in all of its glory, as well as favorite Microsoft programs like Movie Maker. His report: ‘I personally got burned.’ His new laptop — logo or no logo — lacks the necessary graphics chip and can run neither his favorite video-editing software nor anything but a hobbled version of Vista. ‘I now have a $2,100 e-mail machine,’ he says.”

Stross reports, “It turns out that Mike is clearly not a naïf. He’s Mike Nash, a Microsoft vice president who oversees Windows product management. And Jon, who is dismayed to learn that the drivers he needs don’t exist? That’s Jon A. Shirley, a Microsoft board member and former president and chief operating officer. And Steven, who reports that missing drivers are anything but exceptional, is in a good position to know: he’s Steven Sinofsky, the company’s senior vice president responsible for Windows.”

Stross reports, “Their remarks come from a stream of internal communications at Microsoft in February 2007, after Vista had been released as a supposedly finished product and customers were paying full retail price.”

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  1. Although it holds no comparison to Vista, I have a little bitch about Leopard… Installing it rendered by HP LaserJet 3055’s scanner useless. I have to scan into an old Tiger Powerbook, upload to the company’s fileserver and retrieve the scanned image with my Leopard MacBook Pro. C’Mon, HP and Apple – fix the f-ing drivers already!

  2. @ Keith…

    I had similar troubles with an HP scanner on a friend’s machine, and HP did update the drivers. I was able to get it to work 3 weeks after Leopard was released or so. Vuescan did not work either at the time…

  3. Yup, upgraded every Mac under my command to Leopard, without a hitch.

    they are also all backing up hourly using Time Machine, to a 3TB RAID setup attached to my Mac Pro (the beast of the office)

    All works fine, fast, and very very slick!

    Vista? What a joke.

  4. Leopard is close to perfect and a million times less trouble than Vista (for me/my employer). But “close” doesn’t cut it. Leopard is not COMPLETELY perfect. For every hundred issues that stop Vista in its tracks, there IS one issue with Leopard.

    Which doesn’t sound like much… unless YOU are the unlucky one going online asking for Leopard help.

    Vista may not be all that, but Microsoft is a proven leader. Don’t give up on Microsoft just to get “fewer” problems. In the end, Vista’s problems will be worth it–to most people. Because I sure would be sleeping sound with Microsoft backing me up. Call be crazy, but I want a big friend at my back more than I want my machine to “just work.” THAT is why Macs are best for schools and small business–and not for home or big business. This could change–but will Microsoft let it? They ain’t that stupid.

  5. @ Get Real:

    I certainly hope your post was sarcasm. If not, you have poor taste in friends.

    Microsoft is not, nor will it ever be, your friend. Microsoft has abused customers, partners, and competitors for decades. Two groups of people use Microsoft products: those who have no choice and those who don’t know any better.

    Macs are far better than PCs in most settings. Period.

  6. When it comes to drivers I had an issue with my Canon LiDE 30. That being no drivers for 10.5 Leopard from Canon.

    This is not an Apple issue, but Canon’s and unfortunately according to Canon there won’t be any 10.5 drivers for my LiDE 30.

    The solution, I’ll have to go buy a new scanner! I have my eyes on the LiDE 90 and that does have drivers for 10.5 Leopard.

    Despite Vista’s troubles at least Vista users have a dedicated section on the Canon website to find out what works and what doesn’t. I had make a phone call to some techie to find out.

  7. As someone who uses Windows ( I still use a Mac), I know better to never perform an UPGRADE from one Windows version to another. Many compatibility problems arise from third-party software to existing Windows settings.

    It is better to save off any data and then perform a CLEAN install when dealing with Windows. However, Vista is the 80,000 pound monster reeking havoc with computers and customers’ patience.

    I’ve never had a problem with ANY version of OS X (except for 10.0). Everything bloody WORKS.

    To America and the rest of the world, buy a FRAKKING Mac already (or 2 or 3).

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