RUMOR: Adobe’s Flash already working on Apple iPhone; Jobs using it as leverage in PDF negotiation

“Today I got a note from someone I know who works closely with Adobe and Apple,” Robert Scoble blogs for Scobleizer.

It isn’t a matter of processors, but rather of politics that’s keeping Flash off the iPhone, according to Scoble’s source:

He says that he’s seen Flash running on an iPhone in a lab and that it’s been running for quite a while and that it’s not a technical issue that caused Steve Jobs to go public about not putting Adobe’s Flash on the iPhone.

Adobe is playing hardball with Apple over their PDF renderer. “Adobe wants Apple to use the Adobe PDF renderer.” His thesis? Steve Jobs is playing hard to get to get Adobe to give up this demand.

Full article here.

The lack of Flash doesn’t seem to be hurting iPhone sales with over 5 million iPhone units already sold and counting, Adobe. The ball’s in your court.

This may just be about PDF or more issues between Apple and Adobe may be in play. We’ll likely find out sooner or later.


  1. “I thought Adobe had the patent and you had to license it from them. Does Apple use a open source renderer for OS X?”

    The PDF format is fully open and well documented. For OS X, Apple simply wrote their own PDF engine.

  2. Dear Steve,

    Please just buy Adobe already. Then you will own Flash AND the PDF format. Then you can make Flash what it SHOULD be. You could also give away CS3 with Mac Pro’s and double the price for Windoze sufferers. When CS4 is ready, make it Mac only.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  3. Apple’ PDF renderer is not what I’d call the world’s greatest.

    Have any of you had this experience?
    You prepare a file in a page layout app like InDesign or Illustrator (or even Word for god’s sake)…and then attach it..

    The pdf PREVIEW shown in the attachment is often WRONG…and can even carry over to the final document once sent. Yup…it affects the attachment.

  4. “…at the end of the day, STEVE JOBS IS A PRICK”

    Yes, but he’s our prick. And as such, he should be cared for, washed periodically, powdered, and taken out in emergencies. And if he has to take a beating now and again, I’m sure he’ll be up to it.

  5. “Please just buy Adobe already. “

    There is nothing that Adobe has that can’t be developed in-house at Apple for a hell of a lot less than it would cost to buy Adobe. I’m not just talking the cash here, but the tremendous distraction of integrating two companies of that size.


  6. I suspect Adobe is still pissed that Apple upgraded Preview to do many things that Acrobat Standard does. The problem for Adobe is that Preview for Leopard costs $0 and Acrobat Standard costs $300. The choice for people who need to assemble PDF documents, like me, is easy.

    Now to the people who think Jobs is a Prick because he is a tough negotiator, the reason Apple products are so good is because Jobs is a prick in negotiations. He knows the quality he wants and he won’t settle for less. That’s a key reason why people like me love Apple products.

    So Steve, continue being a prick. Make sure that when Flash comes to the iPhone it is on Apple’s terms. Most of us Apple user’s appreciate your prickish ways.

  7. What is the issue with Steve keeping his private life private? He is under no obligation to inform the world of any health problem he has. Have some of you even heard of HIPAA? If you had a disease you are under no obligation to tell your boss about it. Your HR department will know about it since they are dealing with your medical benefits but your management team absolutely does not have to be informed (unless it affects you ability to do your job). Everyone has a right to their privacy and to deal with health matters in their own way. So, those of you bitching that Steve didn’t hold a press conference to tell the world he had cancer.. GET OVER IT! Jobs doesn’t always make the best decisions, which you can complain about until the cows come home, but the complaint about how he dealt with his cancer is stupid and within the law. Read about HIPAA for more information.

  8. You know, I don’t know what the hullabaloo over Flash on the iPhone is. Maybe I’m just a Luddite, but the first thing I do with a new browser is find out how to disable Flash. The lack of annoying advertising animations on the iPhone can only be a *good* thing, I think, and if it means I can’t play timewasting little games, oh well.

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