Notes from Apple’s 2008 shareholder meeting

“As Apple is a super-secretive organization, any information out of the company gets picked over with a fine-toothed comb. Yesterday’s shareholder meeting is no exception,” Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub writes.

Weintraub has compiled information from the meeting and organized it into categories:
• iPhone (The SDK will bring gaming to the iPhone/iPod touch)
• Company (Tim Cook reiterated that they passed Dell to become number one in Higher Education laptop sales)
• Gaming (Windows games released by EA for the Mac using Transgaming’s Cider)
• Retail Stores (Apple now has 15,000 retail store employees)
• Apple TV (Jobs not happy about missing 1,000 movies by end of Feb. goal. Blamed the licensing complexities at the studios. Said they will get there.)
• Miscellaneous (iPod Touch would likely retain its storage lead over the iPhone)

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. From here:

    “To answer the question of what would happen to Apple without Jobs, the executive insisted that the board already has several well qualified options if he were to be “hit by a bus.”

    “We’ve got great talent, and I think the board would have a few really good choices,” Jobs said.”

    Imagine Al Gore being Steve’s successor! Rush Limbaugh’s head would asplode.

  2. I have 16GB Touch and considering buying a 32GB one. My Wife needs a new phone (her Crack Berry is 3 or 4 years old and eats new batteries like M&Ms;). She loves my iPod Touch and can type on it faster then on the new RIM Models (that she calls ugly, bloated and cheap feeling) so, she is considering the 16GB iPhone.

  3. Speaking of Steve being hit by the proverbial bus, I’ve met six of Apple’s senior VPs, and there are quite a few people who really could run that company already working there. They wouldn’t have Steve’s panache, but he’s not the only person who can maintain Apple’s quality commitment.


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