’s Gary Krakow: Apple TV 2.0 is fantastic!

“The new Apple TV is fantastic! Downloading and watching recent movies — in high-definition, from the comfort of your living room — is a stupendous experience,” Gary Krakow reports for “It could become habit-forming (exactly what Apple probably has in mind.)”

Apple TV “comes with a cute little remote to handle music and video choices from across the room. Be careful what you press and where you aim — the remote also controls any nearby Mac computers,” Krakow reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Not if you pair your remote with your Apple TV which ensures that Apple TV will be controlled by only one remote. Pair your Macs with their remotes, too, and you’re all set. To pair Apple TV with the included remote, just choose “Settings” from the Apple TV main menu and choose “Pair Remote Control.” Optionally, you can also just press and hold the Menu and Next/Fast-forward buttons for 6 seconds to pair Apple TV and the remote. When you’ve successfully paired your Apple Remote, Apple TV displays a chainlink symbol above a picture of a remote in the setting menu. Apple TV now works only with the paired remote. To pair your Apple remote to your Mac, hold the remote close to the Mac (3 to 4 inches away) and point the remote at the front of the computer. Then just press and hold both the Menu and Next buttons on the remote until the paired-remote graphic appears on your screen (about 5 seconds). That’s it, you’re done!

Krakow continues, “Once you set up your iTunes account… you’re all set. Choose a movie, press the button agreeing to the rental, and the movie begins to download. Amazingly, after about 45 seconds or so, Apple TV is ready to let you begin watching. Appropriately, I chose the fabulous Disney/Pixar feature Ratatouille to test the system. All I can say is wow! Apple TV video quality is spectacular. The audio is pretty special, too. All in all, video rental has never been this quick and easy.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. the stock is down because the SDK probably will be delayed and the selection for this (fantstatic by the way) new service is very limited. i am suffering, should stop watching at the stockprice and i am praying for apple to announce somthing relevant as soon as possible, like new countries for the iphone. where are they? why apple doesn’t want to sell the Iphone in more countries is beyond me. oh wait, maybe they made a bad business decision when they insisted on the revenue sharing thing and now no other carriers want to come onboard.

  2. @Macaday,

    Share price has very little to do with the health of a company.. Apple is a prime example. Record sales, record revenue, record growth rates and the stock plummets… Walt street is just playing games..

  3. Apple has done ATV right this time around. Content providers can easily add their HD stuff on iTunes on the HD PodCast sections. Stream all the HD content they want for free. Its all accessible on the ATV. Why not IPTV? ATV can easily handle it.

  4. HEY thanks for the stock info. I just placed an order for a few more shares. Its a long term thing but I would like a few shares that I can dump when the price hits 250, …. just to have some mad cash. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    The world is a crazy and corrupt place and with Microsoft getting crazier each day ( either willyier or crazyier, not sure which ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> ) I just accept the fact that Apple shares are super low right now. Hey, I just thank the stock gods that it is below 150.

    I was kicking my self every day after it hit 150. Too high to afford and a constant reminder that I was stupid for not buying at 50 (cause it was too high!!! LOL )

    The world will keep spinning and crazy people will still be crazy, but Apple stock will shine again, later this year or next, and I want some shares so I can gloat my ass off (GMAO ??? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> ) when that time comes.

    Later and thanks again.,

  5. I thought $134 was the ‘buying opportunity.’
    I’d never bought anything but mutual funds before, but when it hit the low $130’s I thought that was my chance and grabbed 20 shares of Apple (not much, I know, but I just wanted to own a teeny tiny piece of the company I most admire).
    It went up a couple of bucks the first day and has been in decline ever since.
    I just don’t get it. Apple TV is at the edge of changing how people consume media. The iPhone and iPod touch both seem poised to become the future of handheld computing and Mac market share is climbing, which translates into billions of extra revenue. I just don’t see why it would be declining. It’s fishy . . . Then again, maybe Apple TV needs more rentals first, the SDK needs to arrive to turn these devices into what they’re capable of.
    Still, that doesn’t explain the Macs, which alone should be enough to drive up the price IMHO.

  6. This stock issue is just in an overall general crisis, nothing to do with Apple by itself.
    Things are pretty much shaky around the financial places everywhere in the world. The $ is playing yoyo (now 92 US cents for 1 swiss franc) and banks make reserves with lots of Euros, Yens and Swiss Franc to ensure their billions of backcredits…

  7. Apple is already valued incredibly high. The bet isn’t wether or not Apple will succeed, but how MUCH will it succeed. Right now, everybody is pretty much counting on a very high growth rate.

    But that said, I do believe that AppleTV is the one that people aren’t seeing. I use it, it’s incredible. I watch at least twice as many movies just because it’s soooooo easy!!!

  8. Since Apple has become a consumer electronic company, the stock has to go down in the present time.

    Apple doesn’t provide any “must have” product. Like, let’s say, Microsoft has Windows and Office. And if I need a computer, I can always go cheap and Dell and survive in this world.

    No matter what happens, 90+% of corporations needs MS Office, not on the iPod or the Mac. So Apple’s stock is not gonna recover for a long time. I trully think it is hitting it’s real value, to be honnest with you. Apple is luxury, not necessity. And if they don’t move their ass to put out there some “must have” products, then I think $120 for their stock is the ceiling.

  9. When I upgraded to 2.0, I was taken aback by the simplicity of it all. So much so that I started thinking like a windoze person (I work where windows is 99%). When I realized my mistake, wow. ATV is simply awesome. Even my kids could do it. In fact my 14 year old ordered our first movie. Fantastic, indeed.

  10. The share price really doesn’t match the potential. Apple has built and continues to build an amazing MEDIA PLATFORM. No other company touches this!

    Leopard, Apple TV 2.0, the iPhone and iPod touch are all great by themselves, however the real beauty is in how they ALL WORK TOGETHER. I really think ‘the street’ is missing it!

    The fact I can rent a movie directly from my HDTV, then move it to my iPhone for continued viewing is a powerful thing. I can also purchase music in my living room and find that it has automatically been added to my master library located on my computer in another room. My Apple TV recognizes my YouTube playlists and subscriptions. I can also view my .Mac photo galleries as well as my friend’s. All this stuff is accessible across various devices – Computer, iPhone/iPod & HDTV with Apple TV.

    As the Bass guys would say…. GENIUS!

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