T3 reviews Apple MacBook Air: ‘True engineering genius’

“We’ve been messin’ with the ultimate version and make no mistake; this is true engineering genius,” Luke Peters reports for T3.

“Apple has worked architectural wonders by shoehorning in 2GB RAM, a 64Gb solid-state hard drive, 802.11n wifi, Bluetooth and blisteringly bright 13.3-inch LED screen. A new multi-gesture touchpad mimics the type of finger control seen with the iPhone and iPod touch, too,” Peters reports.

“Flip down a secret panel on the curved edge to discover a USB port, Micro-DVI and headphone socket. There’s even an iSight worked into the lid, flanked by an omnidirectional microphone and light-sensor for activating the fantastic backlit keyboard, which is by far the most responsive Apple has ever made,” Peters reports. “Considering this notebook measures just 40mm at its thinnest point [sic. It’s 0.4-1.94 cm] and weighs under 1.5kg [1.36 kg to be precise], it’s a miracle this thing actually made it off the design table.”

Peters reports, “It’s a show-off’s dream and the shape of things to come…”

Full review, including MacBook Air’s potential drawbacks, here.


  1. Aaah, but if you read all the Microsoft Windows fanboy comments all over the web you’ll see why the Air is really quite useless and that no-one at all will buy it.

    I do see how some people must hate Apple, and us.

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  2. I think Apple stores should loan then out or rent MacBook Air laptops. This way those of us who think they are WAY cool, but aren’t going to buy one can still take one to our friends and show it off, resulting in additional migration to Apple, if not to the MacBook Air directly.

  3. Its funny how redmond fanboys say no one will buy it… because they don’t buy it themselves

    but already know two people whom have bought macbook airs already… which is not bad considering I still don’t know a good friend that owns a mac pro, only power macs

  4. I got a chance to actually use and HOLD a MacBook Air last night.

    I don’t really want one, but I WANT one! It’s that amazing an object.

    The case is beautiful and it feels almost weightless. It must be portable Reality Distortion Field! The keyboard is VERY nice. I like the multi-touch trackpad. I was even able to make text smaller and larger in Safari! The MBA is just pure cool!

    The only real deficiency I see is the lack of a FireWire port for connecting an external drive or using it in FireWire Target Disk Mode. And NO kiddies, USB2 is for peripherals NOT for file transfers. It can do it in a pinch, but USB2 suffers from slow sustained read/writ speed, vs. even FireWire 400.

    I bet Apple shoehorns a FireWire 400 port into Rev.B. By then the price and capacity of solid state drives should move in our favor, too. A 128GB SS drive was announced just the other day.

  5. The MacBook Air is mostly useless to the road warrior who needs full functionality in a compact design — my MacBook with 4 GB of RAM and VMWare/XP + a SuperDrive is the machine to have if you want “it all” in a compact form factor.


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