BBC to bring iPlayer to Apple iPhone, iPod touch within weeks

“BBC shows have been streamed or downloaded more than 17m times via its iPlayer broadband TV service since Christmas Day, according to figures from the corporation,” Mark Sweney reports for The Guardian.

“The iPlayer, which was improved and relaunched shortly before a major marketing campaign began on Christmas Day, also helped boost traffic to the website by 29% year on year in January,” Sweney reports.

“As well as revealing new iPlayer traffic figures, the BBC also today announced that the iPlayer service is to be made available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices,” Sweney reports. “iPhone and iPod Touch owners will be able to access iPlayer content within the next few weeks. This will be the first time the broadband TV service has been available beyond PC and Mac computers.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Stoo” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah, and it will probably only work for UK people so WHAT IS THE POINT????

    Up to now, the BBC has done little to promote itself outside of the UK. It probably has too many agreements with the BBC America to offer anything to us.

  2. It’s relevant because it’s expanding the iTunes / Apple market place and partners, which can only improve technology and further strengthen the credibility of the brand and the solution globally.

    i.e. the other 7 billion people on planet Earth who don’t happen to live in USA.

  3. It’s time for the British people to rise up, toss out the BBC, and demand better service and availability since they’re already paying for all this stuff with their hard earned tax money.

    They should also demand that sales of the content to the international market be a priority so that the BBC can stop taxing the people for revenue.

  4. Five television channels (four SD and one HD), dozens of radio stations, and one of Europes largest websites — all free of advertising — and the service can be better how?

    Available on analogue terrestrial, digital terrestial, satellite, cable, iPlayer streaming, iPlayer downloads (albeit PC only for a couple more months), and archive stuff now on Apple iTunes as well as DVD and Blu-ray (and HD DVD) — and the availability can be better how?

    International availablity is provided through subscription channels, optical disc formats and iTunes is rumoured to be soon — which earns them plenty of revenue on top of the subscription fee.

  5. As far as I’m aware, the Beebs iPlayer software doesn’t work on Macs at all, and not internationally as the licensing for the programs hasn’t been agreed for the different territories yet (which is a shame, as I’ve a mate who’s now living in Canada dying to watch ‘Eastenders’)

  6. For those of you who miss the point-iPlayer is UK only, the iTunes stuff will be iTunes only. They are basically charging the people who already paid for it again, while refusing to take my money which I would give them willingly for the content.
    Most people who want the content outside of the UK have it already for free off of torrents (I know I do-Torchwood, Doctor Who, Spooks, Black’s Books, Primeval, Hyperdrive, The IT Crowd).

  7. Well I have been keen for some time now for this very service to launch so its a great surprise but welcome one. Fact is there is no end of content which will be missed for one reason or another in the various free alternatives that I will be more than happy to buy to see as and when I choose at some stage if it is available. Especially (once it becomes available) some of the unique and endless historical programming that will not be available any other way except perhaps once in a long long while repeated when I probably wont even know it is being shown. This is the beginning of a very important move into the longest, largest and highest quality library of tv programming anywhere on the planet. It would be foolish to ignore its significance even for those not in the UK. Where the BBC leads others will follow both here and elsewhere and one can presume that sooner rather than later greater plans will unfold including time limited rental versions of the programming. Be thankful.

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