Users’ love affair with Apple iPhone stumps Mobile World panel

“A blue-ribbon panel of human behavior and technology experts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain agreed that the best recent advance in the mobile telecommunications user space came not from a mobile telecom company but from Apple Inc. — the iPhone,” David Benjamin reports for EE Times.

“Anup Murarka, director of technical marketing for Adobe, cited a study showing that 77 percent of iPhone purchasers described themselves as ‘very satisfied’ with their user experience,” Benjamin reports.

“In an ominous note for mobile operators, the iPhone respondents credited their happy experience not to AT&T, the channel through which iPhone services were delivered in the U.S, but to Apple, the device maker,” Benjamin reports.

“The panel, whose title was It’s the User Experience, Stupid agreed that iPhone represents a model for mobile operators to follow, but they reached little agreement on how to follow,” Benjamin reports.

“One direction, advocated by Lucia Predolin, international marketing and communications director for Buongirono S.p.A. of Milan, Italy, is to manipulate users by identifying their ‘need states’ — including such compulsions as ‘killing time,’ and ‘making the most of it’ — and fulfilling them subliminally,” Benjamin reports. “Adobe’s Murarka proposed a more technological approach to improving the user experience, satisfying the mobile phone subscriber through better interface design. Sarah Lipman, co-founder and R&D director for Power2B, suggested an almost mystical solution, somehow tapping into users’ ‘neural networks’ to navigate a mobile phone interface ‘using touch and pre-touch input.'”

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Instead of laughably over-thinking things, how about these “human behavior and technology experts” just repeat their own “blue-ribbon” panel’s title, It’s the User Experience, Stupid, over and over until they finally get it?

With other phones, the features simply aren’t usable. We’ve taken literally hundreds of times more photos and emailed them with our iPhones. We’ve browsed the Web hundreds of times longer on our iPhones than with any other so-called “Internet-capable” phone. With iPhone’s rate plans here in the U.S., the carrier (AT&T) is mostly out of our face (for once), so we don’t worry about incurring charges for every little thing we want to do with our iPhones. And, carriers take note, we don’t want your crappy extra “services” and “enhancements,” either. Just send us the monthly bill and get out of our way (meaning: don’t artificially limit our devices to pad your bottom line like you’ve been doing for years).


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