Rush Limbaugh still waiting for Steve Jobs

Rush Limbaugh is still waiting for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to help him out with a couple of issues he’s having with his many Apple Macs. In the meantime, Rush has identified his two issues:

Partial transcript from The Rush Limbaugh Show today:

Did Steve Jobs call, Snerdley? Well, I didn’t expect Jobs to call. I thought maybe somebody from his office would. Look, I own a lot of Macs. I love them. I knew this was going to happen to you. The blogs… There’s all kinds of Apple-Mac blogs, and they hate the fact that I’m a Mac guy. They do. They despise it, because Macs are associated with the left. So whenever I talk about my Macs, you can go to some of these blogs and they’re gnashing their teeth and banging the keyboards, and when I yesterday expressed that I was having just a couple problems with 10.5.2, the new OS update, one guy wrote in a blog, “May you see the spinning beach ball of death for the rest of your life!” Now, the spinning beach ball in a Mac is when the processor gets clogged and slowed down and your task is not completed. This guy wished for a spinning beach ball for eternity for me. He hoped that my Mac would freeze. Ha! Well, I haven’t checked them all, but I figure that somebody will call. I own enough these things. Our office here is equipped with them. Sigh… I know if I call I won’t get through, because it just won’t happen.

Anyway, I just checked a Mac website,, and they’ve got the transcript from my program yesterday posted with some comments. Some of them were okay. Some of the other comments, “I hope he never gets the problem fixed.” But one of the guys says — I didn’t identify the two problems — “Why don’t you identify the problems? Maybe we could do a work-around. Maybe we could help you, Rush, why don’t you tell us what the problem is?” “I think Rush is smart enough to fix his own problems.” I’ll tell you what the problems are. But it’s going to be Greek to those of you who don’t use Macs and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time with this. But here we go. Two things. Back to my Mac, screen sharing, doesn’t work. It’s intermittent on occasion. Now, I got six computers on the network, maybe it’s only meant to go back and forth one computer to the next. And the second thing, and this is the biggie, because I have found a work-around to screen sharing back to my Mac not working, direct access to my IP address I can do it without Back to My Mac, but they’ve got this great new backup program called Time Machine.

I primarily live in my mail application. I use it for my word processing. The only time I open word processing is when somebody sends me something in a Word document or whatever. I don’t use the phone because of my hearing. E-mail is everything, and Time Machine will not restore e-mail mailboxes. Restores everything else but that, and ought to restore either a single message or a whole mailbox, and it won’t. On one machine, this one here in New York, I have found a way to restore a single message or a multiple list of messages from wherever the Time Machine archive is, but on none of my other five machines does that work. They’re identical. So, Mr. Jobs, there’s got to be somebody who can — this is major. I’m not calling it a bug. They just left it out of the operating system. To not back up — and, by the way, when you open Time Machine in your mail program, it says, “Click restore” to back up your in-box or to back up the message you had selected. So it was supposed to, it just doesn’t do it. And there’s a whole thread at the Apple site of people having the same problem. But posting the problem on the website is not going to solve anything. It’s like filing a bug report, goes out to the ether, nobody ever sees it, you never hear.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: So, Rush’s problems are: Back to My Mac (can connect using direct IP sharing but not using Back to My Mac) and Time Machine (cannot restore mailboxes). Apple, the spinning beach ball is in your court.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve found so far:

According to Apple’s Mail 3.0 Help: Recovering mailboxes and their content:

If you set up Time Machine to back up files on your computer, your mailboxes and the messages, notes, and to-do items they contain have been backed up regularly, based on the schedule you set for Time Machine. You can use Time Machine to quickly recover previous versions of your mailboxes and their content.

To recover information using Time Machine:
1. Make sure Mail is the current application.
2. Click the Time Machine icon in the Dock.

Time Machine displays available backups. Use Time Machine to locate the information you want to recover.

Restoring files backed up with Time Machine
Time Machine backs up all mailboxes and their contents. When you use Time Machine to browse backups, you can preview individual items in the Notes and Drafts mailboxes, but not in other mailboxes, before restoring the mailboxes. To-do items are backed up as part of iCal; you must use Time Machine with iCal to restore them.

If you have archived mailboxes, you can import the archive file to restore previous versions.

For the other issue, this might be a helpful starting point: Using Back to My Mac in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard; Requirements to use Back to My Mac; Setting up your computers for Back to My Mac.

And, for the record, we don’t hate the fact that Rush Limbaugh is a Mac guy (although some of our readers certainly do seem to have an issue with Rush’s choice of platforms).


  1. Rush for prez. Trouble is, he’d have to take a gigantic cut in pay. As it is, we have three democrats running for office and NO Republicans. Steve might give Rush a call, after hell freezes over.

  2. REgarding the email back up problem…a thought….
    Could it be that Rush is using Netscape or Hotmail or Googlemail or…? Even though the email appears on one´s computer, it is located on the Netscape or Hotmail or whatever server – not stored on one´s computer.

    (My father had a similar thought. He lost his AOL emails, he thought, and figured they were all sitting in a file somewhere in his computer.)

    Therefore, Time Machine cannot back up something that is not on one´s computer – such as Google or AOL e-mails.

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