So, your average guy goes into an Apple Store for the first time and…

“I stopped by the mall the other day, mainly to pick up a pair of sneakers my wife had ordered. (That’s another story, shopping — even picking up things — for the wife. It rarely ends well.) Anyway in the mall, I passed an Apple Store,” M.B. Darden writes for Burbia. “It had recently been renovated, and I had never been there. (In fact, I’d never been in an Apple Store anywhere.)”

I went in. First, I’m not a techie or a remotely skilled computer user. I have no strong feelings about Apple. I went in without preconceptions. I went in really to avoid leaving the mall — it was freezing out & snowing & I was hoping (dreaming) that a few minutes later it would be a lot warmer and not snowing,” Darden writes.

Here’s what I think I learned or observed or concluded on my first trip to the Apple Store:
1. Michael Dell & Other Consumer PC-Makers: It’s Over. Apple Has Won
2. Apple “Geniuses” Are Chick Magnets
3. Apple Geniuses Are In Fact Geniuses
4. Bridging The Generation Gap May Be Possible, After All
5. Starbucks, Don’t Get Too Cocky
6. New Best Place To Furnish Your Home
7. Black (In fashion) Is Back
8. I’m A Lot Less Savvy And Smart Than I Thought

“I had gone to the mall to pick up my wife’s sneakers. I had no need for a new computer — I thought. It would be crazy to buy this thing. But the Genius, seemingly already abandoning me, was playing with some images and videos on the screen, simultaneously interweaving them, then dragging stuff from one section to another…and it was so…cool, beautiful. It looked so…fun,” Darden writes. “When I got home, and I hauled the boxes into the den, my wife simply shook her head.”

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Buffalo2001” for the heads up.]


  1. For someone describing himself as “not remotely skilled” it is real easy for an Apple ‘genius’ to look like a genius.

    Problem is, most of theses ‘geniuses’ are not remotely skilled themselves. Just go ask one why your Mac Pro keeps hanging up on something as consumer level as Garage Band, and they just don’t know why.

    Real geniuses indeed, these guys.

  2. Apple needs to make a commercial where the zombies have taken over the mall, but when they get to the Apple Store, they quit eating flesh and one ask “can this thing do speech recognition?” at which point he holds up his hands to reveal half eaten stubs, cocks his head to the side, everyone laughs, …..and scene!

  3. “So, your average guy goes into an Apple Store for the first time and…”

    Shits himself because he found great looking computers that actually work and run fast as hell.

    And then he realized he had just awoken from the Mafia$oft Matrix he had been trapped in his whole life.

  4. There are millions, if not billions, of things that can go wrong with a computer. Combine that with the relative rarity of significant problems on a Mac, and you see that it’s entirely possible that the particular ‘Genius’ you spoke with might never have seen your specific problem before. Since you’re using a Mac Pro, it’s also highly likely that you’ve got lots of not so consumer level software that my be interfering with Garage Band.

    Macs are generally trouble free, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever need more help than the Geniuses can provide. Face it, you’ve got a Pro Mac, and you may actually have to pay a consultant for pro level support. It’s bound to happen at some point, and blaming the guy at the store isn’t going to change anything.

    You might also try posting your problem on one of the Mac support sites like or the forums at

  5. It is hilarious reading the readers comments below the article. Wow, the PC fans are upset! You can tell they were written by people who haven’t ever used a Mac. I think it is funny how most of the PC fans who hate Macs have never used one extensively, but most of the Mac fans who hate Windows used a PC for years, and chose to switch to Apple’s products.

  6. “It is hilarious reading the readers comments below the article. Wow, the PC fans are upset! You can tell they were written by people who haven’t ever used a Mac.”

    Ditto to Mac vs PC threads on Fark. I read one the other day and i LOL’d at the ignorance.

  7. That was a light, entertaining article that is important to the Mac community for one reason:

    The author wasn’t a Mac user and had no axe to grind.

    It illustrates why the Apple stores are so succesful, and why half of the buyers there are new to the Mac world. More importantly, the comments full of Windows apologists waxing profanely over his positive take on Apple are very illustrative of the affect the loss of market share is having on that community.

  8. Check the full article; quite amusing. As for geniuses, he qualifies his statement no. 3 (Apple geniuses are real geniuses); he goes on to say: “Tech geniuses? I have no idea. Sales geniuses? You bet!”.

    Most amusing part of the article is the feedback from frustrated Windows users. The level of ignorance (right-click!) is stupefying.

    And the part about “geniuses” being chick magnet, this is not the first time I read something like this. A much more respectable newspaper (the New York Times) had an article about a year ago about the SoHo store in NYC being exactly that. Chicks (to use the euphemism from this article) would be lining up at the Genius bar, with their iPods and MacBooks, playing the modern ‘damsel in distress’ part, with full make-up and battle-dress (on Friday nights) batting eylashes and all. Geniuses would play the part too, providing advice, doing the ‘hand-holding’ (literally, too), and all this was obviously the Friday night mating dance. The point was, a journalist saw this as a clear trend, so much so that it warranted an article.

    These types of articles are the million-dollar free advertising for Apple. Keep them coming, folks!

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