Apple drops out of 2008 NAB Show

“Apple has announced that it will not have a booth at The NAB Show this year,” TV Technology reports.

“Rumor had been spreading on the Internet in recent days about Apple’s presence at the show. Speculation increased after Avid Technology, the company’s main competitor at the NAB Show dropped out late last year,” TVT reports. “An Apple spokesman said the company is cutting down on its trade show participation overall.”

“‘Apple is participating in fewer trade shows this year,’ said Anuj Nayar, senior manager of PR at Apple,” TVT reports. “‘Often there are better ways to reach our customers. The increasing popularity of our retail stores and Web site allows us to directly reach more than 100 million customers around the world in innovative new ways.'”

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  1. This will be interpreted negatively on the street, no matter the explanation. It will be seen as Apple not really having anything new or revolutionary or world-changing, even in it’s effort to get serious about movie and tv show rentals – exactly what NAB is all about.

  2. Last year Apple had huge presence – as in a whole section of the Convention Center – and a big roll out of latest version of Final Cut Pro that attracted giant ballroom full of invitation only attendees – and reassurance of the power of the MacPro to run it – which turned out to be a huge overstatement. When Steve’s hardware can’t run his software, that’s really telling.

    This year – nothing. We are paying a terrible price for all the distractions of the past couple of years.

    Wonder if Google will be there with their new phone?

  3. If you keep up on your research, you already KNOW about 99% of the stuff that you see at trade shows.

    There is the chance of seeing something exciting.
    Or discovering that something that looked great online is actually a POS.

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