Apple to make rival bid for Yahoo?

“Global giants including Apple and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp are believed to be considering rival bids for the internet company Yahoo, which has received a $44.6bn (£22.6bn) offer from Microsoft,” Nathalie Thomas reports for The Scotsman.

“The conglomerate InterActiveCorp was another company named as a potential bidder for Yahoo, which is said to be unwilling to give in to Microsoft without a fight,” Thomas reports.

“After Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer made the offer in a letter on Thursday, it emerged that Yahoo had rejected a similar takeover attempt by Ballmer’s organisation a year before,” Thomas reports.

“Yahoo chief executive and co-founder Jerry Yang is understood not to be Microsoft’s greatest fan, and would be prepared to line up another ‘white knight’ rather than concede to Ballmer,” Thomas reports.

“It is believed he would be particularly open to a rescue bid from Steve Jobs’ Apple Corp, having openly expressed his admiration for the firm in the past,” Thomas reports. “Yang last year invited Jobs to Yahoo’s headquarters in Sunnyvale to give a motivational talk to staff.”

Thomas reports, “Recent figures show that Google dominates 66% of the global web search market. Yahoo and Microsoft are leagues behind with just 13% and 4% of the market respectively.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Yahoo HASN\’T BEEN a Mac users friend!

    For instance, they don\’t want to support Safari with their online email.

    For a long time their games were \”IE\” only even when M$ discontinued IE for the Mac.

    So Yahoo is very \”Microsoftic\” with their web sites.

    However they have been getting better slightly.

    Still, they need to support Safari and quit trying to get us to download some crap browser.

    And their games to to be Javascript so it works in all browsers instead of only Microsoft\’s crap.

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