Apple releases iTunes 7.6 for Mac and Windows

Apple today released iTunes 7.6 for Mac which allows you to rent and download your favorite movies with iTunes on your computer or directly to your living room on Apple TV.

Enjoy rented movies in sizes up to 720p HD with surround sound on your Apple TV and sizes up to DVD-quality on your computer. Transfer your rented movies from iTunes to your iPod or iPhone and enjoy them on the go.

Also, purchase and download your favorite TV shows, music, and more directly on your Apple TV. Effortlessly transfer purchases made on Apple TV back to your computer with iTunes.

iTunes 7.6 is avaliavle via Software Update and also as standalone installers.

More info and download links:

iTunes 7.6 for Mac (45MB)

• iTunes 7.6 for Windows (56MB)


  1. from

    under Introducing iTunes Movie Rentals it states “Available today with the free download of iTunes 7.6, iTunes Movie Rentals allows customers to rent movies …”

    so to @Ampar, they’re supposed to be available now, not in 2 weeks, and I’m getting really impatient.

    oh well, guess i’ll just have to dance ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. The keynote said “Today”.
    Apple Hot News says “Today”.
    When you go to the iTMS>Movies, there’s a section titled “Top Rentals”.
    When you click on that link, you’re not offered the choice to rent.
    Rumours on other sites are hinting that AppleTV users are renting… so can anyone follow that lead?
    I’m not renting if the AppleTV is a requirement ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Ok, most pleasant surprise in iTunes 7.6:

    Someone finally fixed the internals of the database! Yes, now those of you (like me) who have 10,000 or more songs can actually “get info” and start editing right away, without having to wait 10-30 seconds for iTunes to sort the artist index.

    If you don’t have a huge library, you’ve probably never noticed this delay, but trust me, when you have to wait 20 seconds or more for every operation involving editing the artist or composer of every track, it was a huge nuisance. Looking forward to seeing if they’ve improved everything “under the hood” so that large libraries are not the system drag they have previously been.

    Hooray to the iTunes engineer(s) who finally addressed this!

  4. blucaso,

    Just curious if you know at what number the database supposedly chokes?
    At 7,200 songs, I’m well short of 10k, but “Get Info” gives, and has always given me, instant response.
    I’m wondering if your database just needed rebuilding?

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