What should Apple do NeXT?

Apple Store Online“BusinessWeek asked an eclectic group of analysts, designers, innovators, educators, and marketing experts for their opinions on what products, services, and experiences Apple might set its sights on next. Predictably, suggestions ran the gamut from the highly improbable—a ride on the Apple subway anyone?—to all but forgone conclusions, i.e. über-thin notebooks,” Matt Vella writes for BusinessWeek.

In the accompanying article/slide show, the ideas covered are:
• Apple Auto: Wes Brown, Partner, Iceology
• Public Transit: Jesse James Garrett, President, Adaptive Path
• Social Apple Stores: Victor Ermoli, Dean of the School of Design, Savannah College of Art and Design
iPod Projector: Bruce Claxton, Senior director, design integration, Motorola
• Folio Laptop: Marc Gobe, President, Emotional Branding
• A Greener Apple: Tadeo Toulis, Creative director, Teague
• Don’t Forget the Pros: David Tonge, Co-founder, the-division
Video Camera: Geoff Vuleta, CEO, Fahrenheit 212
• Personal Finance Software: Chris Conley, Professor of Design, IIT, Partner, Gravity Tank
• Simple iTunes: John Maeda, President-elect, Rhode Island School of Design

“Jobs’ game plan for Apple has been apparent since he took back the reins of the embattled Cupertino (Calif.) company in 1997. Products, from the original iMac, which was launched in 1998, to the iPod, have focused on relentlessly reducing complexity, honing the brand’s image for clean, simple design,” Vella writes.

“What’s more, additional products—from a new Apple operating system to media devices and computers—all fell into a well-designed ecosystem for a seamless user experience,” Vella reports. “Jobs also encouraged socializing so users could easily share music, movies, or videos. Executives asking themselves how their company might create a product as successful as the iPod are barking up the wrong tree. A better question, according to designers and innovation consultants, is: ‘What would Apple do?'”

Vella reports, “Many of the Mac faithful simply long to see the Apple logo slapped on a wider range of consumer electronics devices, including ever smaller computers, touch-screen-enabled tablets, video cameras, and multimedia-infused living rooms. Despite competition, almost all of these are probable, according to Geoff Vuleta, CEO of the New York-based innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212, because Apple ‘knows how to swoop in late and slash the nonsense out of a product.'”

Vella reports, “Even the most outlandish Apple wish list reinforces the company’s stellar reputation for elegant, easy-to-use products and services. Which is exactly why asking what might be next is an effective way of peeking into Apple’s method of innovation.”

Full article here.

The article/slide show discussing the individual ideas here.


  1. I have a couple of ideas.

    1. Get Ballmer onstage with Jobs at Tuesday’s keynote.
    This is critical. Apple has been stagnant for years with an aging and disappointing product mix and Apple needs to demonstrate they are committed to innovative partners. The association with Microsoft would be PR coup for MAC World which the media and Apple’s miniscule fan base have lost interest.

    2. EOL OS X Pussy and license Windows.
    Apple will finally realize that it can’t survive spinning it’s wheels at 2.5% market share. Cupertino also desperately needs a competent gaming platform.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. iTunes seems clumsy sometimes. e.g. Is there any other way to quickly change encoding, bitrate etc without having to go in to Preferences then Advanced then Importing and then still more selections every time?

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