RUMOR: Apple’s multi-touch Newton-tablet will not make Macworld Expo

Apple Store Online“An initiative on the part of Apple Inc. to develop a modern day successor to its now defunct Newton handheld device is not expected to play a role in next week’s Macworld Expo,” AppleInsider reports.

“The project, however, remains a work-in-progress… In its current form, the Newton device — sometimes dubbed a Mac tablet or slate — has been described along the lines of a larger iPod touch or iPhone rather than an Apple adaptation of the modern day tablet PC,” AppleInsider reports.

“When the project does come to fruition, it’s expected to leverage a more advanced implementation of Apple’s multi-touch technology, featuring concepts and functionality not yet available on the company’s iPhone and iPod touch handhelds,” AppleInsider reports.

More info, including what AppleInsider believes will be announced during Jobs’ keynote, in the full article here.


  1. In other news, no one actually knows what will or won’t be released, so this is kind of a pointless “report”

    I mean, seriously. Half of them say it will be there, half of them don’t. Gee, I wonder if any of them will be right, and claim that rumours have some meaning after all? How quickly will people forget about all the ones that were wrong?

  2. Of course there won’t be an Apple tablet at MacWorld 2008. A “rumor” that it WON’T be in the show is a bit silly, as if it was a known fact that it would be in the show (and now it won’t).

    And forget the Newton already. Apple will surely release a “tablet” computer at some point, and it will be an iPhone (iPod touch) with a larger screen and the same touch-based interface. It will have very little in common with a Newton MessagePad.

  3. There will be know Mac Tablet before the release of the SDK. They have to test their software model on iPhone and iPod before they will release a Tablet. Tablet users will demand 3rd party software.

  4. Pointless report, I agree. Since we don’t know what Apple is working on how can we report if they are releasing or not releasing a product, whatever it may be. Especially how do they know if there is anything like the newton? Of course they are working on multi-touch, since two of there already released products incorporate that technology. There’s always room for improvements so I’m sure Apple’s R&D;is looking into it. Doesn’t mean there’s any such Newton device at all. Which means they are just guessing about nothing since they don’t know anything. Huh????

  5. Yawn!

    Anyone can predict what WONT be at Mac Expo.

    Tell us something new!

    It’s like saying Apple wont be showing off a Flying Car that can travel at 3000mph at Mac Expo.

    Jesus – a slow news day I assume…

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